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    17 Jobs People Have Zero Respect For (And For Very Good Reasons)

    We definitely can all agree that we HATE the people behind those expired car warranty calls.

    Earlier this week, Reddit user u/MrTuxedo1 asked a question that I think all of us would have a response for: "What job do you have no respect for?"


    Needless to say, but A LOT of people had responses, and the thread went viral with over 15,000 replies. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "Scammers that scam old people via phone calls."



    "That happened to my mom a few years back. I think they got her for like $500 or a grand; I don’t remember, but she learned her lesson. Sad people have to resort to that. My mom is the nicest person you’ll ever meet."

    "Someone got my mom's friend for $5,000 last week. The people at the store who sold her the gift cards even tried to warn her. 

    I knew a manager at a consulting firm that got taken for over $10,000 a couple years ago. Also paid in gift cards. It boggles my mind."

    2. "There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to."

    A pile of past due notices
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    "I once interviewed at a debt collector because I was bored and curious. (Wasn't interested in the job.) Made it past all the pre-checks and had interview/role-play session with a collector trainer guy. Holy fuck!

    In one example the right answer to collecting on old resold unsecured credit card debt was essentially try to find assets of a rather poor person, and (in this case) try to convince them to sell their free-and-clear owned truck to settle it at 100% of the debt's face value.

    Which is about the worst personal decision a person could make. Never talk to these people."

    3. "I'm going with medical debt collectors."

    A medical bill with a past due stamp
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    "If they weren't such scummy, mean, abusive, liars, I would have been more than happy to work with them, and would have had more respect for them when I had pretty hefty medical debt.

    The abuse they dish out doesn't help them. And they do have a choice of jobs."

    "I worked in medical billing and there was like three levels of collections that outstanding bills went to if a patient was late. It took years to get to second collections and third collections, and I was told they were way more aggressive than first collections, which typically consisted of letters and maybe some automated calls. I never knew exactly what second and third collections was like but I watched a Last Week Tonight episode about debt collectors that mostly focused on medical debt and OMG, the vile illegal tactics they used were insane."

    4. "Multi-level marketing managers. Not the low-level idiots that get suckered into it — they suck too for trying to bring new people into that shit show — but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing and are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. Should be illegal. Pyramid schemes are illegal. None of them ever get the just desserts except occasionally by vigilantes I assume."



    "Me too. So many of the popular girls from high school have been in my DMs lately with the: "Hey girly!!! How would you like to make BIG BUCKS working from home and being YOUR OWN BOSS???🦋🥰🌸" I almost feel bad for them."

    5. "The pastors at megachurches who ask their followers for money for private jets. Absolute scum to abuse others' faith for your own greed."

    A megachurch
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    "Literally why I stopped going; felt funny how they were talking about giving and kindness while showing a video of a helicopter view of the pastor's mansion on a hill. Along with the story of how his wife met him on a four-hour flight and by the end of it they were engaged, 'True love and Jesus said so,' LMAO."

    "Years ago, I worked for an answering service that closed, so I just took the next call center job I could find so I could pay my bills. I wound up at another call center that took calls for a televangelist's 'donation' line. I didn't know that was one of the clients when I accepted the job, but even if I had, I was in a tight spot.

    The shit I heard people say would break your heart. People who were desperate for a 'prophet' to speak to God for them, who would give what little money they had to 'buy' a prayer.

    I didn't last long there, thankfully something else came along quickly, but some of those calls still haunt me almost a decade later.

    There were a fair amount of people who would call in and say I was a piece of shit, too, and I was like, 'Bruh, I'm not going to argue with you.'"


    6. "Paparazzi"



    "Honestly influencers even add more value to society than paparazzi. Truly a scummy profession. At least with some influencers I've discovered a couple of cool travel spots and tips. Paparazzi purely live to stalk people and catch celebs at their worst, or seemingly at their worst."


    7. "Psychic mediums. Specifically those who prey on the grieving."



    "Which ones don't prey on the grieving?"


    8. "Dating expert... It’s basically a self-appointed title that requires no training or qualifications. What’s worse is that I have a female friend who uses one. It’s very much a blind leading the blind situation."

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    "Some are legit and good. My friend used one, and it was coaching for him to be confident. The dating expert he used emphasized that his goal wasn't for him to play 'the game' but be confident enough to approach women, be direct, and accept rejection. Anything after that in terms of dating and sex is reliant on you as a person. My friend got his confidence up and learned just being himself takes him further in the long run. I will say most are bad from his experiences until he found the good one that changed his life."

    9. "Energy company CEOs. Seriously, don’t give yourself a raise after raising costs on consumers."

    A person paying at a gas pump
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    10. "Higher-level people in hospitals (admin, CEOs, etc.) are MAJORLY detached from what’s actually going on in their facilities (or just don’t care) and implement policies that can legitimately be dangerous for patients so that they can get their bonus."

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    11. "Poachers. Especially big game poachers who purposefully hunt nearly extinct animals from species they know are on the brink."

    Elephants in a natural habitat
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    "I know there are poachers that come from rural villages who are trying to just put food on the table, which has my sympathy, but poachers who come from money and hunt down animals minding their business in most shelters or restricted areas just to put a head on their wall as a trophy are absolutely heinous."

    12. "Telemarketers. That profession should have died in the '90s. They have no reason to exist in the modern world."



    "It really depends on who they're targeting. My dad is a telemarketer that sells exclusively to businesses. I've listened in on a few calls in the past, and whoever picks up is usually happy to talk to someone that's trying to be entertaining, since they're being paid to sit around and take calls anyway. Telemarketers that call individual people who are enjoying their personal time are quite annoying, though. There's a big difference."


    13. "Managers who have never worked the lower-level positions."

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    "I'd specify further and say managers who haven't worked lower-level positions and don't listen to those who have. While not common, it is technically possible to do some schooling, enter a workplace as a manager, and recognize that schooling didn't teach you everything you need to know."


    "I worked for a restaurant that hired managers straight out of college. That worked every job for one week. Dishwasher, busboy, oyster shucker etc., until they rotated through all the jobs. The school of thought was: You can't manage those jobs unless you have actually done them and understand them fully."


    14. "Payday loan lenders. I get people are broke and need money, but the interest rates are designed to keep you trapped in poverty and keep getting new loans to pay the old one."

    A sign that says "Payday advance"
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    "It's massively profitable, which is why it is designed that way.

    Everybody has to make money, but doing it by purposely taking advantage of vulnerable people is shitty."


    15. "Where I live, tax info was leaked and now scammers are using that and targeting low-income individuals/families (people earning under $30,000 per year) with e-transfer scams. I got one the other day that was an e-transfer warning that the $240 'a family member sent me' was about to expire."

    A person looking at a text with the word "Scam" over it
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    "That’s disgusting. The scammers know what they’re doing, they know the harm they cause people, and yet they don’t care."


    16. "The a-holes who keep calling me asking for donations for the police union. No amount of asking them to remove me from their list, explaining why I will never donate, and reporting them is enough for them to stop calling me once every two weeks. There is one prick in particular named Mark, Mike, or something like that that I wish nothing but the worst on."

    A newsperson on the phone with the words, "Is the charity call real?"
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    "A lot of these are scams. I had one call me from not even my area. And I have said no a few times."


    And lastly...

    17. "Scalpers. Fuck scalpers. Made getting a PS5 so insanely difficult."



    "I used to know a guy who scalped video game consoles. He would buy a shit ton of them on sale and then resell them to people at a higher than regular price. He was also an NFT bro; I hated that guy."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.