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    Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry Figure Out Windows 95 Together

    This is what happened when Jen and Matthew starred in the "world's first cyber sitcom."

    In 1995, Microsoft needed to find a way to explain its game changing new operating system, Windows 95. The solution was simple, create an instructional video to include with every copy of Windows 95.

    To make the Windows 95 instructional video entertaining, Microsoft hired Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston to star in “the world's first cyber sitcom.”

    So what is the hilarious premise of “the world’s first cyber sitcom”? It’s Jen and Matthew taking a wacky tour of Bill Gates' office.

    Side note: Jen was really rocking the “Rachel” then.

    In the first scene, Jen can't figure out how computers work, asking “what is task bar, is that anything like a Snickers bar?”

    Also, I don’t know why, but there’s “Seinfeld” noise every time there’s a joke.

    Matthew points out that you send emails over the Internet, as we find out that "communicating online is the hot thing right now.”

    They even have a computer geek come in to help them explore The Microsoft Network. Jen describes the Internet as “issue specific party lines.”

    And what’s the first thing they look up? An entire gallery of CAT photos!

    Even Sam Huntington makes an appearance as Joystick Johnny, the “most feared video game warrior in the territory.”

    But not to worry, Jen defeats him at 3D Pinball, a brand new game available on Microsoft Plus.

    At the end we all learn that Windows 95 “is an incredible program, isn’t it?”

    You can watch the full Windows 95 instructional video here:

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