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    Jason Derulo Became Spider-Man In His Wipe It Down TikTok Challenge, And Of Course His Anaconda Played A Big Supporting Role

    With great TikTok power comes great viralability!

    So as you might already know, the Wipe It Down challenge is the latest and biggest thing on TikTok:

    And if you have no idea what I am talking about, it's basically a challenge where TikTokers film themselves wiping down a mirror to BMW Kenny's song "Wipe It Down," only to reveal an alternate version of themselves:

    Even some celebs, like Will Smith, have jumped on the trend:


    I don’t remember making this...? @chrisashley

    ♬ Wipe It Down - BMW KENNY

    But earlier today, Jason Derulo (who is pretty prolific on TikTok) participated in the challenge and themed it to Spider-Man, and, well, he def won this one:


    With great power comes great responsibility ##wipeitdown @maxymaxmax

    ♬ Wipe It Down - BMW KENNY

    I mean, the whole thing told a story and with PRODUCTION value. It had the radioactive spider's bite!

    The Jason to Spider-Man transformation.

    Spider-Man/Jason discovering his ability to shoot webs.

    A Spidey dance!

    And an epic finale!!!

    I'm really hoping this gets an Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live-Action) nomination (listen, no movies are coming out, so there is a chance!!!).

    Now my only real question: How the hell does Jason's TikTok video have better special effects than Cats?

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