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Jason Bateman’s Truly Cheesy ‘80s Sex Advice PSA

How Can I Tell If I'm Really In Love, the video that attempted to give '80s teenagers the straight talk about sex.

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In 1986, brother & sister duo Jason and Justine Bateman, hosted a video that promised to give teenagers the “straight talk” about sex and intimacy.

Also, its uncomfortable when these siblings talk to each other about sex and losing your virginity. But to be honest my brain went straight to this.


The song, dance and pizzaz all come in the form of the "Initials" songs.

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We also get to learn about all the different lines guys will use to get you into bed.

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But, as we find out girls use them to.

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Really, this video was made so your '80s high school health teacher could roll in the TV cart, pop the video in and then sneak outside to smoke a “Merit” and sip on “Bartles & Jaymes” from a Thermos.