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It’s Time To Ask Zach Braff Some Of Your Most Burning Questions

Now’s your chance, Scrubs fans!

Chances are you are likely familiar with actor, writer, director, and producer Zach Braff who, of course, you probably love best for his role as J.D. on Scrubs. But, if you had the chance to ask him a question, what would it be?

Would you want to ask him what his favorite episode of Scrubs was?

Or maybe you'd want to know what his all-time favorite quote from the show is?

Perhaps you'd want to know what his favorite memories were of filming the show?

Or maybe you're just really curious if he'd ever want to do a reunion special?

Well, now is your chance to ask! Write a question you would want to ask Zach and yours could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.