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27 Awesome '80s Toys You Probably Don't Remember Wanting

Sure you wanted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jem dolls! But do you remember how much you also wanted M.A.S.K. figures and Sweet Secrets?

1. The Heart Family:

2. Pillow People:

3. Dino-Riders:

Why you wanted it so bad: Three words: EPIC DINOSAUR BATTLES. Seriously, these toys were like having GI Joe and Cobra battling it out on dinosaurs. And for kids nothing captures your imagination more than dinosaurs.

4. Hugga Bunch dolls:

5. Oh Jenny!:

6. Food Fighters:

7. Captain Power:

Why you wanted it so bad: These came with an ahead-of-its-time interactive feature...well, interactive with a VHS tape at least, but still that was way futuristic for the '80s.

8. Pee-wee Herman action figures and Playhouse play set:

9. Keypers:

10. Lady Lovely Locks dolls:

11. SilverHawks:

12. Shirt Tales:

13. Hot Looks International Models dolls:

Why you wanted one so bad: They were much larger than most other dolls at the time — and nicely detailed. Plus, with their contemporary/younger style they really sold a sweet, juvenile, Seventeen-magazine vision of high fashion models.

14. BraveStarr:

15. Maxie dolls:

Why you wanted it so bad: Because Maxie was a "hip" Southern California teen who was living the cool life. Well, not THE ULTIMATE COOL LIFE — that honor belonged to the Bianca Dupree and the rest of the characters on Beverly Hills Teens.

16. Moon Dreamers:

Why you wanted it so bad: Because these trippy celestial fairies had a tie-in to the short-lived animated series of the same name. Really, every '80s TV cartoon series + toy line = toys every kid wanted.

17. M.A.S.K.:

18. LJN Video Art:

19. Sweet Secrets:

20. Building bricks:

21. Wuzzles stuffed animals:

22. Lil Miss Makeup:

Why you wanted it so bad: LBH, it was ALL about being able to transform Lil Miss Makeup! Wiping cold water on her face and seeing her wear what looked like an entire MAC counter's worth of makeup just seemed so glamourous.

23. Smooshees:

24. Micro Machines:

Why you wanted it so bad: Sure, Hot Wheels were small, but these cars took it to a whole new level. You could fit a lot of these lil' guys in your pocket at a time — which meant you could have a REALLY epic playtime anywhere. Also, they had some really badass play sets (like the car wash above).

25. Charmkins:

26. Roller Racer:

27. Dancing Coca-Cola can: