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    The Internet Is Making Lots Of Jokes At The News That Instagram Is Launching A "Lite" Version Of Its App

    "Does Instagram Lite have less calories than the other competitors?"

    Just in case you missed the news, today Instagram announced that it would be launching a new Android-only version of its app called Instagram Lite.

    Close-up of Instagram logo

    Now, in case you're saying to yourself, What the hell does that mean? Instagram Lite is a version of the app that is being targeted at developing markets. The app itself uses less data and is missing some features, like shopping, Reels, and dark mode.

    Of course, the news that Instagram was launching another version of itself was met with some confusion.

    Below are some pretty good Twitter reactions of people hearing about Instagram Lite:


    “I see you’re using Instagram Lite. Is that cause you think you’re fat? Cause you’re not. You could totally be using the regular Instagram if you wanted to.”

    Twitter: @skinnah


    Does Instagram Lite have less calories than the other competitors?

    Twitter: @FSeaWorld2021


    me explaining the difference between Instagram and Instagram Lite

    Twitter: @LowkeyBrilliant


    Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that although Instagram Lite is a lighter version of Instagram but it will steal the same amount of data from users. So no need to panic.

    Twitter: @Th3wond3rkid


    Me after seeing instagram lite is trending !

    Twitter: @AttaBoyBikash


    me trying to understand what instagram lite is

    Twitter: @jeysonpaez


    me explaining the difference between Instagram and Instagram Lite

    Twitter: @MicaelaRiley


    Instagram trying to get me to use Instagram Lite

    Twitter: @ShreddaSosa


    Instagram Lite sounds like a crappy beer

    Twitter: @oceanwendy75


    Twitter: @wutang_cran


    Twitter: @CountOnVic


    all we wanted was to get rid of the shopping feature get a chronological timeline again and they give us Instagram lite instead I-

    Twitter: @AshnaGray


    are you a coke zero or instagram lite person

    Twitter: @swordgirl_


    Why do I feel like Instagram Lite is the app equivalent of me ordering a large fry with a diet coke?

    Twitter: @DigitalTrends


    is instagram lite the same as 2013 instagram before it got over taken by tik tok reposts and twitter screenshots?

    Twitter: @fairlyIovely


    the world before and after Instagram lite

    Twitter: @humidfluid

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