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19 Tweets About Ikea That'll Make You Say, "Yup, Every Damn Time"

"Going to Ikea later...900% chance I'll get lost."

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1. When both your adrenaline and anxiety kick in as soon as you're in the vicinity of an Ikea:

2. When you know that a visit to Ikea is the REAL test of any relationship:

3. When you walk into the store and begin to picture how you would decorate your nonexistent house:

4. When you go in looking for that ONE perfect piece of furniture, but instead you buy a bunch of tchotchkes you never knew you needed.

5. When you stop in just to waste time and end up leaving spending major $$$:

6. When, even though you've been there a million times, you know you'll get disoriented:

7. When you know it really isn't a trip to Ikea unless you stop by the cafeteria to get some Swedish meatballs:

8. When you think all those boxes will fit perfectly in your car:

9. When the line for the loading area is longer than the checkout line:

10. When you stop yourself from purchasing a piece of furniture because you realize it'll be a bitch to put together.

11. When you buy a piece of furniture and realize it's going to be way, way harder to build than you had anticipated:

12. When you're on vacation and see the local Ikea and feel the need to stop in:

13. When you find the piece of furniture you want, but then feel like you have to make a life-or-death decision on the color/finish:

14. When you feel like you should've taken several Rosetta Stone Swedish courses before shopping there:

15. When you see people fight, but realize that's a perfectly normal thing at Ikea:

16. When you realize assembling a piece of furniture is really just a test of one's sanity:

17. When you just want to build your furniture, alone, in peace and quiet, but the instructions make it clear it's a two-man job:

18. When you finish assembling your furniture and notice you have a ~few~ leftover pieces:

19. Finally, when you know the mark of true friendship:

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