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    Updated on Jun 22, 2019. Posted on May 28, 2019

    If You're A Woman And Recognize Any Of These 40 Pictures, Congratulations! You Are Officially Old

    Put on a pair of comfy/sensible shoes, 'cause it's time to take a trip down memory road!

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    1. If you danced along to songs playing out of this EXACT boombox:

    2. If you dreamed of having this treehouse:


    3. If you know why this relationship was super problematic:


    4. If these toys ever had a multiverse play session:

    Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    5. If you know what exactly used to be here:

    6. If you stayed up late at night wondering what the hell she looked like:

    Henson/ Disney

    7. If you still miss these cookies:

    Keith Richardson /

    8. If one of these sat on your dresser:

    9. If you remember this mascot:

    10. If you knew this was one of the most badass characters in all of cartoon history:

    11. If you know who lives in this house:


    12. If this is still your perfect man:


    13. If you know how uncomfortable it was to wear one of these costumes:

    14. If you remember this urban legend...

    15. ...or this schoolyard urban legend (that left you with so, so many questions):

    Barry King / WireImage

    16. If you still crave a bag of these:

    Kevin Noonan/

    17. If you know how stressful it was to use this paper:

    18. If you know what TV show she appeared on:


    19. If you did this choreo in front of a mirror in your bedroom:

    Sony Music

    20. If you can hear the jingle to this commercial by just looking at this picture:

    21. If you know what this guy was trying to get you to eat more of:


    22. If you've ever burned the hell out of your arm on this...

    23. ...or if you burned the hell out of your hand on these:

    24. If this is the first thing you think of when you think of Nickelodeon:


    25. If these covers give you the feels:

    26. If you think "bathtime" when seeing these:

    27. If you ever got a birthday card with this guy on it:

    28. If you know what book series this is:

    29. If you still wonder if you imagined this TV show or not:

    20th Century Fox Television

    30. If you still think a side ponytail is THE LOOK:

    31. If this movie gave you nightmares for days...


    32. ...and if this movie both gave you nightmares and made you CRUSH on the villain:


    33. If you had one of these cups in your cupboard:

    34. If you were ever scared that these were going to pop off your head and hurt you or someone else:

    35. If you had a sticker book that looked like this:

    36. If you ever burned your hand touching the balloons on this lamp (when it was turned on):

    37. If this was your favorite part about getting a new pair of sneakers:

    38. If you made yourself icy treats with one of these:

    39. If you know what the hell is going on in this scene:

    NBCUniversal Television Distribution

    40. And finally, if you discovered this book hidden in your parents' things:

    Congratulations! You lived through an awesome decade!!!

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