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    Updated on Sep 9, 2018. Posted on Jul 15, 2018

    Unless You Were Emo In The 2000s, Don't Click On This Post At All

    iT wAs ALL aBOUt beING SO aNGSTy.

    1. Owning a big collection of studded belts, even though you wore the same one all the time:

    2. As well as owing a bunch of super-skinny black jeans — that you never washed:

    3. Trying to give yourself a multi-color dye job at home and having disastrous results:


    4. Learning a bunch of HTML in order to get your Myspace to look ~edgy~:

    5. Posting a bunch of these webcomics on your Myspace:

    6. Doing the heart sign with your hand whenever you wanted to be extra sensitive in photos:

    7. Befriending a bunch of scene kids on Myspace 'cause you thought it'd make you cooler:

    8. Writing lyrics to songs on your Chucks with Sharpies:

    9. Having all your family and friends just give you Hot Topic gift cards for holidays and birthdays:

    10. Decorating your jackets and backpack with as many buttons as you could:

    11. Taking blurry AF selfies where your face wasn't even visible:

    _xRawwR_/ via Creative Commons/ Flickr: 39186213@N02

    12. Having a subscription to AP...

    Alternative Press Magazine, Inc.

    13. ...and saving all the back issues so you could decorate your bedroom walls with them:

    14. Owning a Paul Frank skull T-shirt or sticker.

    15. And owning a huge ton of Nightmare Before Christmas merch.

    16. Pretending you knew what all the different colors in sex bracelets meant:

    17. Being way overdramatic about something that happened in school on DeadJournal:

    18. Getting into a fight with your parents after they wouldn't let you get gauges:

    19. And finally, writing angsty song lyrics on your AIM Away Message so that you could get attention:

    AOL / Via Candace Lowry for BuzzFeed

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