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If You Remember 13/21 Things Then You're Probably Between The Ages Of 32 And 50

There was a lot of math involved in making a mixtape!

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2. Pressing pause on a movie 'cause you were trying to see nudity — even though pausing a movie made it blurrier.

Also, you had a limited amount of time before the pause button would stop and the movie would continue playing.


4. Being kicked off the internet if there were too many people logged on at the same time in your neighborhood.

5. Seeing these anytime you flew anywhere and being tempted to call someone.

But of course you needed a credit card to do it, and also you knew it was $$$ to call someone on the plane.

6. Having to lift the antenna on a cell phone if you wanted to get good reception.

Also, having a limited amount of time you could talk on those old brick phones before they got all hot.

7. Having to change out the mini-cassette tapes to an answering machine every few months.


9. Having to remember to bring your camera with you if you wanted to take pictures of the place or event you were going to.

If you forgot, then you had to depend on your family or friends to print you doubles of their photos.

10. And carrying around lots of different types of film with you if you wanted to take photos at different times in the day.

Also, you usually took ONE or maybe two photos of something at the most...there was no wasting film!


15. Getting an extra long handset cord so that you wouldn't have to stand next to the phone when talking on it.

19. Looking through the CD liner notes to see how many minutes long a song was so that you could see if it would fit on your mixtape.

Sony Music

This resulted in lots of deep-cuts showing up on mixtapes since you'd put whatever song could fit in.

20. Ordering things through catalogs and waiting weeks for them to come in the mail.

And hoping that you didn't get a letter back saying your item was on backorder or out of stock.


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