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I'd Be Surprised If You've Heard 25/100 Of The Best-Selling Albums Of All-Time

Spoiler: There are only two albums from the '10s on this list.

We all have albums we love to listen to over and over! But, how many of those albums that you love to listen to are also among the best-selling albums of all time?


Well, now is time to find out! Below is a checklist of the 100 best-selling albums (listed in descending order) of all time according to the RIAA. Go through it and check off all the ones you've heard!


Alternatively, you can also replay this checklist quiz by checking off all the albums you have heard of (but haven't listened to), but plan on listening to soon.

  1. Click on all the albums that apply:

    Sony Music/Apple/WMG/UMG

All data comes from the RIAA.

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