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29 Things All Late-'90s Teen Girls Desperately Wanted For Christmas

Let’s be honest: You still think about that corduroy jacket you saw in the Delia's catalog.

1. A TV with a built-in VCR for your bedroom:

2. Titanic on VHS:

Was there any better movie to own (especially if you had the TV with a built-in VCR)?! You probably knew you'd be watching the first cassette only, of course.

3. Hemp products from The Body Shop:

4. A collection of Gap perfumes:

5. Pashminas:

6. A Tamagotchi:

7. Bath & Body Works body splashes:

8. Hair mascara:

9. Polaroid I‑Zone camera:

10. An inflatable chair:

11. Fancy dragonfly and butterfly hair clips.

These weren't like the cheap plastic butterfly clips you got at Claire's — these were sparkly metal ones that, to be honest, felt heavy and kind hurt when you put them in. But they looked so chic!

12. A dreamy mosquito canopy net:

13. Embellished jeans:

14. An iMac:

15. A portable CD player:

16. A day planner:

You needed it to plan out your entire next year... LOL, OK, really it was for storing photos of you and your friends at the mall and at school dances — and for keeping all your friends' and crushes' home and beeper numbers.

17. Game Boy Camera:

18. Face and body glitter:

You could never own enough body glitter. Even if it left your clothes, sheets, and bathroom looking like Tinkerbell exploded.

19. Gift certificates:

20. A CD changer (if you had your own car):

21. L'Oréal Rouge Pulp:

22. Overlay dresses:

They were just so delicate and romantic-looking.

23. Kipling backpack:

24. A subscription to one or all of these:

Not only were these magazines a lifeline to pop culture, but after you were done reading them (and taking the quizzes), you could decorate your bedroom with all the pictures and ads.

25. Pastel rice-paper lanterns:

26. Urban Decay makeup:

27. TI-83:

28. EVERYTHING in the Delia's catalog:

29. A cell phone: