19 Photos Anyone Trying To Adult Will Understand

    "Yeah, I don't have any cups, but you can drink out of this promotional Lil Jon crunk glass."

    1. When you realize adulthood wasn't as glamorous as you thought it would be:

    2. When the smallest of accomplishments totally make your day:

    3. When you figure out how to multitask:

    4. When you feel like your job is the only thing that you've sort of got figured out:

    5. When you're listening to the the Top 40 station and all of a sudden realize you don't know who the latest pop stars are:

    6. When you finally have your shit together and all of sudden life throws you a curveball:

    7. When your family asks you how everything is going and you're just like, "Ummm...":

    8. When you feel like a baller 'cause you treated yourself:

    9. When you remember the best thing about the '90s:


    10. When you procrastinate 'cause you can:

    11. When you check your bank account for the first time after the weekend:

    12. When you're trying to be gourmet AF, but still three days away from payday:

    13. When you don't even know what the hell would make you the happiest:

    14. When your accomplishments pale in comparison to everyone else's on your Facebook Newsfeed:

    15. When you literally wish someone would hand you an instruction manual on how to be an adult:

    16. When your squad starts feeling like they're too old to go out:

    17. When your mom questions when you're going to finally settle down:

    18. When you make plans but cancel 'cause you know there's no better spot than your couch:

    19. And finally, when you wake up in the morning and immediately feel like this: