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15 Things You'll Totally Understand If You Can't Stand The Kardashians

No, I don't keep up with them.

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2. Or when someone gives you a full breakdown of the Kardashian-Jenner family tree, and about who's dated who, and you just end up way more confused.


7. When all of sudden everyone seems to have an opinion on something they did or said, and you're just like, "I could give a fuck."

Kim Kardashian / Via

"Why the hell is everyone freaking out over Kim releasing photos on the same night Beyoncé released Lemonade? Can't they both just do their thing?"

8. When someone admits how much money they’ve spent on Kim’s app game and you realize they could've paid your college loans with it.

Glu Mobile

"Hold on, you spent like REAL money...not like make-believe money you earned in the game?"


9. When someone says “the Kardashians are our royal family,” and you suddenly know the difference between America and the UK.


"I don't follow the lives of the royals either, so I guess that's how they're the same."


13. When someone tells that you NEED to follow their Instagrams and you're just thinking, Meh, I barely like following you, why would I follow strangers?

"Um...I only follow friends and family on Insta."