How Well Do You Know The 1998 Academy Awards?

Test your knowledge. Who took home what at the 70th Academy Awards.

1. 70th Academy Awards Quiz

  1. 1. Who hosted the ceremony?
    1. Billy Crystal
    2. Whoopi Goldberg
    3. David Letterman
    1. Steve Martin
    2. Chris Rock
  2. 2. Who won Best Supporting Actress?
    1. Kim Basinger for L.A. Confidential
    2. Joan Cusack for In & Out
    3. Minnie Driver for Good Will Hunting
    1. Julianne Moore for Boogie Nights
    2. Gloria Stuart for Titanic
  3. 3. Who won Best Supporting Actor?
    1. Robert Forster for Jackie Brown
    2. Anthony Hopkins for Amistad
    3. Greg Kinnear for As Good as It Gets
    1. Burt Reynolds for Boogie Nights
    2. Robin Williams for Good Will Hunting
  4. 4. Who won Best Actress?
    1. Helena Bonham Carter for The Wings of the Dove
    2. Julie Christie for Afterglow
    3. Judi Dench for Mrs. Brown
    1. Helen Hunt for As Good as It Gets
    2. Kate Winslet for Titanic
  5. 5. Who won Best Actor?
    1. Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting
    2. Robert Duvall for The Apostle
    3. Peter Fonda for Ulee’s Gold
    1. Dustin Hoffman for Wag the Dog
    2. Jack Nicholson for As Good as It Gets
  6. 6. Who won Best Director?
    1. James Cameron for Titanic
    2. Peter Cattaneo for The Full Monty
    3. Atom Egoyan for The Sweet Hereafter
    1. Curtis Hanson for L.A. Confidential
    2. Gus Van Sant for Good Will Hunting
  7. 7. Which film won Best Picture?
    1. As Good as It Gets
    2. The Full Monty
    3. Good Will Hunting
    1. L.A. Confidential
    2. Titanic
  8. 8. Which film won Best Animated Feature?
    1. Anastasia
    2. Hercules
    3. Princess Mononoke
    1. None of these films
  9. 9. Which of the following performers did NOT sing at ceremony?
    1. Aaliyah
    2. Cher
    3. Celine Dion
    1. Elliott Smith
    2. Trisha Yearwood
  10. 10. Who was NOT a presenter?
    1. Drew Barrymore
    2. Neve Campbell
    3. Jennifer Lopez
    1. Madonna
    2. Quentin Tarantino

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