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37 Little Things You Did In The '90s That You've Completely Forgotten About

For anyone who continued to use the kids door at Imaginarium, even though they were WAY to big for it.

1. Making the Warner Bros. Studio Store your first stop whenever you went to the mall:

2. Using the kids door any time you went into Imaginarium — even if you were too big to use it:

3. Almost slicing your fingers off while trying to get one these Disney Read-Along Books open:

4. Clipping this gum onto your pants like a real pager:

5. Being more than a little creeped out by Weinerville.

6. Getting about ONE good play session out of a plastic rainbow Slinky before it got all tangled up:

7. Getting bored while waiting your turn to ride this "merry-go-round" at McDonald's Playland:

8. Getting excited any time you got to take your Disney Polly Pockets with you anywhere:

9. Remembering to wear your seat belts thanks to the kind-of-creepy crash test dummies PSAs:

10. Playing with these dolls and not even batting an eye at the thought that they were quintuplets:

11. Getting your inner-Katniss Everdeen on (before she even existed) while playing with this:

12. Thinking this keychain would actually squirt water like a real Super Soaker:

13. Being pumped whenever you got a Fox Kids Magazine — even though it was just one giant ad:

14. Fighting with your sibling over who got to put the VHS tape into the ~cool~ video rewinder:

15. Begging your parents for your own phone line just so you could get this:

16. Eating ALL the red Flintstones Push-Ups first and being stuck with all the other not-so-great flavors:

17. Wanting to order these blocks 'cause they played the commercial nonstop:

18. Also, making your parents order you a TopsyTail 'cause they played the commercial nonstop:

19. Quickly flipping through a Disney Adventures while waiting in line at supermarket checkout with your parents:

20. Knowing the lyrics to the theme song to American's Funniest Home Videos better than the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner":

21. Hurting the inside of your mouth while chewing on these fake plastic pacifier necklaces:

22. Being very particular about which Spice Girls' Chupa Chups lollipop you got:

23. Getting a toothache from playing with one of these:

24. Stretching your Vac-Man to the point where you can almost feel it tear:

25. Not knowing what the fuck to do with this gooey shit:

26. Unexpectedly learning things from Pop Up Video:

27. Making Barbie wear your shitty designs, that always fit wonky:

28. Collecting your favorite "Got Milk?" ads:

29. Feeling glam after smearing Bath & Body Works' Art Stuff glitter products all over yourself:

30. Feeling cool whenever you carried your money in your wrist fanny pack:

31. Wrapping a Fruit Roll-Up around your finger before eating it:

32. Enjoying these delicious chips that vaguely tasted like pizza...

33. ...and being more than a little grossed out by this ranch dressing that tasted NOTHING like pizza:

34. Ending up cashing in your tickets for a really crappy prize at Chuck E. Cheese's 'cause you didn't feel like saving up your tickets:

35. Feeling fancy whenever you drank out of a Snapple in a glass bottle:

36. Asking your Magic Message Lamp ~important~ life questions:

37. And finally, eating these like a baby bird being fed worms: