If You Ever Wondered Why Chris Evans Named His Dog Dodger, It's Because Of Disney's "Oliver & Company"

    If there was a live-action remake of Oliver & Company, Dodger would have to play Dodger.

    Chris Evans' love of his adorable dog, Dodger, is well documented.

    In fact, I think there are more photos of Dodger on Chris's Insta account than there are of himself. And I mean, can you blame Chris? Dodger is a cutie, and I would be posting photos of him all the time too.

    Chris has spoken over the years about how he first met Dodger while filming a movie at an animal shelter in 2017 — he has been outspoken about not just adopting from shelters, but also about adopting older dogs too. However, he never said anything about how he came up with Dodger's name (like, I assumed he already came with it).

    Well, in an interview with Good Morning America, while promoting his new movie Ghosted, Chris was asked about how he came up with the name.


    “Look at those eyes … cuteness overload!” ❤️🐕 Chris Evans is the sweetest dog dad. He adopted Dodger when he was working on a film in Savannah: "I rounded the corner and saw him and just knew right away." #ChrisEvans #Dogs #Adopt #Ghosted

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    Chris revealed that since Dodger had been a street dog, it reminded him of the Artful Dodger, the orphan pickpocket in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.

    He then stopped himself and said that while he wishes it was a Charles Dickens reference, Dodger was actually named after the character "Dodger" in Disney's Oliver & Company — a movie he grew up watching.

    Chris said that Dodger "kinda looked like" Dodger from the film, and that's why he named him that.

    The animated Dodger walking down the sidewalk with a cat

    Okay, honestly, I totally see the resemblance. As someone who also grew up with this movie, I have to say this is some A+++ naming!

    You can watch the entire interview below:

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