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    This Might Be One Of The Most Vivid Sex Ed Books Ever

    This rather progressive 1960s book will make you giggle like you're 8 years old again (NSFW-ish).

    Published in 1968, Time Life’s How Babies Are Made was a great way to help parents get through the awkward "sex talk" — by literally just handing their kid this book.

    And like all sex ed books, it starts with the standard introduction of how all life starts with the process of fertilization. The first example is with a flower — pretty innocuous.

    At this point most parents probably left the room — to go make fondue or take Quaaludes, or whatever it is that parents did in the ’60s — and by the look on those giraffes' faces they could see where this was headed.

    It then transitions into the process with chickens, and things get explicit..., a lot more explicit.

    Kids also learned that their dogs were probably not fighting in the yard after all!

    Of course, they eventually moved on to humans, and little was left to the imagination...



    They follow up the revelation that parents have sex by talking about pregnancy and birth...

    ...ending it at about the age a kid would be reading this book.

    While the book is informative, I'm pretty sure most kids put it down and just thought this: