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24 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Develop An Office Crush

You're probably thinking about your crush as you read this.

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8. You “accidentally” bump into you crush every time they head to either the restroom, break room, water cooler, or copier.

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You basically find any excuse to head in the direction your crush is headed.

9. You slowly start planning your coffee breaks, lunches, and other daily work routines around their schedule.


17. You constantly overanalyze everything that you’ve said to your crush in the hopes that you didn't come off as creepy.


18. You also constantly overanalyze every in-person, email, Gchat, and IM conversation you’ve had with your crush for signs about how they might really feel about you.

19. You start realizing that anytime you talk with your friends, you inevitability make the conversation about work and your crush.


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