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    These 2000s Memes Are Both Funny And Very, Very Real

    Warning: You will get "Fergalicious" stuck in your head after reading this!

    1. This one about the pet you totally forgot about:

    RIP to all the Nintendogs who haven't been fed since 2007

    Twitter: @childhoodisgone

    2. This one about an iconic music video scene that will live in infamy:

    3. This one about the second language we all used to speak:

    4. This one about Fergie's "Fergalicious" that is anything but fictitious:

    5. This lie that every early '00s teen movie perpetuated:

    6. This one about your Radio Disney days:

    7. This one about that one popular girl in middle school:

    8. This one about that one boy in middle school who spent 90% of the time cleaning his shoes:

    9. This one about the ultimate Ruveal:

    10. This one about what essentials you need to arrive with at a sleepover:

    11. This one about the old saying, "Once an emo, always an emo":

    12. This one about this TV legend:

    13. This one about YouTube classics:

    14. And this one about a YouTube legend:

    15. This one that you can hear just by looking at it:

    16. This one about what beauty influencers would have been using in the early '00s:

    17. This one about that one Shirley Temple commercial that played at least 47 times a day on Cartoon Network:

    18. And this one about the Time Life's Body and Soul collection commercial that would always wake you up in the middle of the night (if you feel asleep with the TV on):

    19. This one about one of the most brutal things that could happen to you online in the '00s:

    20. This one about transitioning from middle school style to high school style:

    21. This very accurate one about stress:

    22. This one about a pop-punk classic:

    23. This one about Nintendo DS's PictoChat:

    #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow about the real texting

    Twitter: @Gelseyyy

    24. This one that is an alternate way to say you're old:

    25. And, finally, this one that is brutally, honestly true: