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    Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    OMG, The Food At Disneyland's New Pixar-Themed Area Is Amazing

    The food here will take your taste buds to infinity and beyond!

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    Hi! We're Brian and Sam, and we're both HUGE Disney and Pixar fans. So when we got the chance to visit Pixar Pier, the new land in Disney's California Adventure park, we were over the moon.

    Brian Galindo / BuzzFeed

    Let's talk about the most important part: THE FOOD. Pixar Pier has several new themed food offerings — from quick-service snacks to a more formal sit-down restaurant. Luckily, we both came with Heimlich-sized appetites and got to try (almost) everything!


    Here are our thoughts on what you should eat at Pixar Pier:

    1. The Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num, the IncrediCookie, and the Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie from Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed, Brian Galindo / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: All three cookies I tried were good, but there is one clear champ: Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num (the chocolate chip cookie). It’s exactly how you want a chocolate cookie to be: warm, gooey, filled with large melted chocolate chips, and just so, so delicious — honestly, like Jack, I could’ve eaten several of them. This location also offers soy and almond milk to drink with your cookie. And if you’ve got a gluten intolerance, the IncrediCookie (the one with the blackberry jam middle) is gluten-friendly!

    Sam’s thoughts: OH. MY. GOD. Now I know why Jack-Jack would come back from another dimension for a damn cookie. The shortbread cookie is tasty and the IncrediCookie (it's gluten-friendly) is delightful. But you absolutely, positively HAVE to get the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num. It's basically a deep-dish chocolate chip cookie. It's so good that even though it was blazing hot outside, I couldn't help myself eating more and more. SO GOOD. I am still thinking about that cookie.

    Overall rating: Infinity and beyond/5

    2. Potato Skins at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this…it slightly remind me of an upscale, gourmet McDonald’s hash brown (this is a good thing!). Ronald McDonald is shaking.

    Sam’s thoughts: Oh. My. God. If it weren't for the cookies, these might have topped the list. The potato skins were like golden brown fried perfection, and the sauces were *kisses fingers like an Italian chef.* If you go to the Lamplight Cafe and don't order these, you're doing Disney wrong.

    Overall rating: 5/5

    3. Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait and the soft-serve lemon ice cream available at the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats.

    Sam Stryker/ BuzzFeed, Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: OK, so I am not a huge ice cream fan, but, we happened to go to Disney on a pretty hot summer day, so having some ice cream was a welcome relief! And TBH, I was expecting to like it as much as I did, in fact, it was damn good! The lemon soft-serve was the perfect blend of tart and sweet, like really good lemonade. Also, it happens to be nondairy, so if you’re lactose intolerant or just avoid dairy, this is a wonderful option to treat yourself to on a hot summer day.

    Sam’s thoughts: It was very hot the day we visited (like, just slightly cooler than the furnace that almost burned Woody, Buzz, and friends at the end of Toy Story 3.) This REALLY hit the spot. The lemon is perfectly tart, the blue raspberry is refreshing, and I felt like a kindergartner mixing the two together. What's cool is the treat is dairy free, and bonus points for being an Instagram-worthy treat.

    Overall rating: 4.5/5

    4. Lobster Nachos at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: These nachos had my taste buds going to infinity and beyond! They’re so rich and decadent, and I found myself not being able to stop munching on them. While they’re listed under the appetizers, they definitely could make a good meal to share with someone (or honestly, just order one for yourself)!!!

    Sam’s thoughts: Usually I'm not a fan of the whole "throw fancy stuff on top of junk food" trend (truffle oil, I'm looking at you), but these lobster nachos work, probably because the rest of the ingredients feel just as delicious. These are worth ordering just to see everyone fight over the chunks of lobsters.

    Overall rating: 4.5/5

    5. Donuts at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: These were so light and fluffy, and, even though I was stuffed, I couldn't resist eating a couple. The chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces were both equally delicious.

    Sam’s thoughts: This was the last thing we ate all day. We were beyond stuffed, but I am so glad we had *just* enough space for these. The donuts were very good, but what made them GREAT were the dipping sauces — raspberry and chocolate (hint: double dipping in both works WONDERS). TBH, I want to bathe in the dipping sauces.

    Overall rating: 4/5

    6. Open Ocean with a Splash at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Sam’s thoughts: I am at my most homosexual when ordering drinks at a restaurant. This drink LOOKED amazing, but I was worried it might be a little too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised, however — it wasn't one of those drinks that make you feel like you're going to develop a cavity after drinking it. Would I order two of these in a row? Probably not. But it's berry, berry good (PUN INTENDED).

    Overall rating: 4/5

    7. Spinach Salad at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker

    Brian's thoughts: I love a good spinach salad! And this one not only comes topped with caramelized onions but also a blue cheese toast *drools*.

    Sam’s thoughts: I know a spinach salad isn't exactly the first thing you have in mind when you think about theme park food, but this was incredibly good. It felt both indulgent (probably because of the egg and blue cheese toast) but also healthy, the perfect combo when you've spent the rest of your day eating frozen treats and cookies. Call me basic, but I was a fan.

    Overall rating: 4/5

    8. Six Tentacles at the Lamplight Lounge.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed / Via ble

    Brian's thoughts: I am not big on sweet cocktails, but this drink made with Kikori Japanese whiskey, Yuzuri Yuzu, liquid alchemist passion fruit, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar is perfectly balanced, neither too sweet nor too strong. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes whiskey-based cocktails like an old-fashioned.

    Sam's thoughts: I'm not really a whiskey person, but this was a really good drink. To be fair, everything we sipped on at the Lamplight Lounge was AMAZING. Next time I go to California Adventure, I think I might just grab a table there and just order drinks. That's MY kind of ride!

    Overall rating: 4/5

    9. Chicken Drumstick Box with coleslaw from the Poultry Palace.

    Brian Galindo / BuzzFeed, Disneyland Resort

    Brian's thoughts: The chicken is more breaded than the deep-fried style you’d get at KFC, so it’s not super heavy or greasy, which, when you’re at a theme park, is probably more of what you’d want. Also in case you were wondering, the restaurant is based on the fast-food place featured in the Toy Story short, Small Fry.

    Sam’s thoughts: I'm not a huge fan of chicken drumsticks because I don't like when food gets caught in my teeth. Like, what sounds more terrifying than having a hunk of chicken in your teeth all day while you're at a Disney park? MY NIGHTMARE. So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed these. They're seasoned well, and not too greasy or heavy. Also, I'm a sucker for coleslaw.

    Overall rating: 3.5/5

    10. Angry Dog and the Slightly Annoyed Dog available at the Angry Dogs.

    Sam Stryker/BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: So you’ve got two options here: a subtle spicy dog and a spicy one — well, I decided to go for the spicy Angry Dog (I like spicy food). I had mine with just ketchup and yellow mustard so that I could see how intense the flavor was…and, well, it was SPICY. Like the Caliente Churro, the spice doesn’t kick in until a bit after you start eating it. Flavorwise it’s really good, but I might see it being a little too much for people who don’t like heat. But, if you like heat then this is perfect for you! In fact, they offer Sriracha, Buffalo hot sauce, and brown mustard if you REALLY want to make it hot and have your head look like Anger from Inside Out.

    Sam’s thoughts: I'm not a hot dog person, but these were pretty damn good. The "Slightly Annoyed" is like, a pretty perfect hot dog to me, and those who really like spicy foods are totally going to dig the Angry Dog. Is it the best food item in Pixar Pier? No. Is it delicious though? Absolutely.

    Overall rating: 3/5

    11. Cinnamon Sugar Galaxy Churro and Caliente Churro available at Señor Buzz Churros.

    Brian Galindo / BuzzFeed

    Brian's thoughts: I didn’t know what to expect with the Caliente Churro, while I thought that it would it be a little bit hot I didn’t expect it to have the kick that it had. In fact, the heat sort of kicks in a bit after you first start eating it. One thing I will say, flavorwise this might not be for everyone, the flavor is a bit like Red Hots. So, if you like a hot cinnamon flavor, then this is for you.

    Sam’s thoughts: Basically these are just churros with sparkling sugar (HELLO, INSTAGRAM). Not the best thing to enjoy on a hot day. The cinnamon sugar one was enjoyable, but the Caliente one tasted too much like cinnamon gum. They're sort of like what Brave is to Pixar movies — good, but doesn't leave you clamoring for more.

    Overall rating: 2.5/5

    Pixar Pier is now open at Disney California Adventure. Just make sure to come with a Heimlich-sized appetite when you visit!


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