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    We Visited Disneyland's The Avengers Campus, And Here Are 20 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Should Know About The Upcoming Land

    Get ready, Marvel fans, 'cause this land is going to have as many callbacks as the films.

    It may feel like it was just yesterday that we were all eagerly awaiting the opening of Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge...

    ...but now all of that is a long time ago ~in a galaxy far, far away~, 'cause the Disneyland Resort is getting ready to open up an all-new land across the esplanade at Disney California Adventure Park. And that new land is Avengers Campus!!!

    And BuzzFeed got a special first look at the land! Below are some of very cool details about the Avengers Campus that'll make you want to jump on a Quinjet and be the first in line to visit!

    1. There is a backstory to Avengers Campus: Tony Stark built the campus on the site of one of his dad's old Stark Industries complexes. The idea behind it is that the campus welcomes all Avengers, their allies, and new recruits.

    2. The campus is part of a collection of other Avenger Campuses that exist around the world (with the others being at Walt Disney Studios Park in France and Hong Kong Disneyland).

    3. Much like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Avengers Campus is going to be filled with little touches and Easter eggs that'll satisfy every Marvel fan. In fact, it has hidden Easter eggs to movies and TV shows that haven't even been released yet.

    4. Peter Parker has his own section on the campus called the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (aka WEB), which is funded by Tony Stark and is meant to bring young innovators together to help create new technologies that will help everyday people become superheroes.

    5. The marquee attraction opening with the land is, of course, a Spider-Man attraction, but it has a name: "WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure"!!!

    6. The ride (which is housed in the WEB building) has no height restriction, so it'll be a ride the whole family can enjoy.

    7. The quest of WEB SLINGERS is to help Spidey capture his out-of-control Spider-Bots — think of the ride like Toy Story Midway Mania. But, unlike Midway, you don't use a blaster; instead, you sling webs out of your wrists* to capture them.

    8. And, yes, Tom Holland will be reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the ride!!!

    9. Above the WEB building, you'll be able to catch Spider-Man swinging above the buildings periodically throughout the day.

    10. WEB will also have its own store, called WEB Suppliers, where you can buy your own remote control Spider-Bot (like the ones seen in the ride).

    11. WEB will also carry a Spider-Man and Iron Man Funko Pop! that are exclusive to the Disneyland Resort.

    12. Of course, there will be chances to get a photo with your favorite superheroes, but these are known as "heroic encounters."

    13. You'll also have the opportunity to train with the Dora Milaje, including Gen. Okoye herself, who is making her Disney Parks debut as part of the new land.

    14. You can also visit with Dr. Strange in the ruins of the Sanctum and train in the mysterious ways of the mystic arts.

    15. Like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which has the Kylo Ren and the First Order as its villain(s), Avengers Campus will have Black Widow's the Taskmaster as its main villain.

    16. Battles between the Taskmaster and the Avengers will take place on the elevated ramparts of the Avengers Headquarters (and the elevated areas on the side of the building). The ground level of the Avengers Headquarters will serve as the "heroic encounter" location for Iron Man.

    17. The main dining spot in the land is Pym Test Kitchen and will feature food that, through Pym Particles, has been transformed into unusual scales (think oversize pretzels, paninis, and chocolate bars).

    18. Next to Pym Test Kitchen is the Pym Tasting Lab, where they will serve craft beers and specialty cocktails.

    19. You'll also be able to buy Pingo Doce soda, which is the Brazilian soda that was introduced in The Incredible Hulk.

    20. And finally, there will be the Shawarma Palace cart (a cart opened "by the same owner of the restaurant" seen in The Avengers post-credit scene).

    Honestly, I could go on and on about the land (and probably will again). Get ready to get your superhero on soon, 'cause Avengers Campus opens July 18 at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort.