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    Here Are 10 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

    A young Ariana Grande kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. Ariana Grande shared this adorable photo of herself as a kid:

    yea my receipts be lookin like phone numbas

    2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero posted this photo of herself in high school:

    3. Natalie Portman shared this photo of herself at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008:

    4. Jennifer Garner posted this photo of herself (on the right) alongside her little sister, Susannah, in the late '70s:

    5. Barbra Streisand shared this photo of herself and co-star Amy Irving on the set of their 1983 film, Yentl:

    6. Tracee Ellis Ross posted this photo of her mother, Diana Ross, and Al Pacino at the 1977 Tony Awards:

    7. Allison Janney shared this way-too-cute photo of herself:

    Lady and the Tramp #fbf (Photo: Alice S. Hall)

    8. Leah Remini remembered when she appeared on Cheers in 1993 as Rhea Pearlman's (Carla) daughter:

    9. Nate Berkus posted his prom photo from the late '80s:

    #TBT to my high school prom. I told my date Daria we would be the best dressed. Mission accomplished 👌🏼

    10. And finally, Kim Kardashian shared this photo of herself in the '80s:

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