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    24 Times Gwen Stefani Proved That She Is Chola Glamour Personified

    She's a chola-back girl.

    1. The time she wore a darker and different colored lip liner than her lipstick:

    2. When she showed off the power of the pencil brow:

    3. When she rocked cut-off wife beaters:

    4. When she showed us that, yes, you can make a wife beater better by putting Old English font on it:

    5. And that Old English font is great for jewelry too:

    6. When she proved that there is nothing better than baggie Dickies:

    7. When she demonstrated the importance of a canvas belts, with initial buckles, of course:

    8. And also the importance of big hair bangs:

    9. The time she gave us tight pulled back hair and ponytail, with side of fierce-face:

    10. When she worked giant hoop earrings with a side of fierce-face:

    11. When she went full-on "Sad Girl" in the video for "Ex-Girlfriend."

    12. When she went next-level with the chola makeup:

    13. When she incorporated rockabilly chola glamour into her look:

    That look, on the right, is perfect for going cruising on the way to a wedding while listening to The Chi-Lites in a lowrider.

    14. Her B-A-N-A-N-A-S sexy look she wore for her "Hollaback Girl" video:

    15. Which she accessorized with a low-rider...

    ...that had her air-brushed on the hood, of course:

    16. When she was able to achieve this powerful combination of side-eye and arch brow:

    17. When she threw this powerful, "Don't mess with my vato" glare:

    18. When she was totally reppin' her barrio:

    19. When she pulled off the all important black bra under a white wife beater look:

    20. Literally, everything that is going on in this photo:

    21. And, literally, everything in this one too:

    22. When she showed off how to achieve perfect chola hair...

    23. ...and makeup, in her video for "Luxurious":

    24. Actually her entire video to "Luxurious" is a wonderful tribute to chola culture:

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    Gwen killing it with that chola style.