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    23 Things All Early '00s Teens Did That'll Make You Say "Guilty Of It!"

    Passive-aggressively deleting a friend from your Myspace Top 8? Check!

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    1. Creating a Sim that looks just like your BF or crush and naming it after them.

    Even going as far as downloading nude skins for them. 😮

    2. Saying “This is where the magic happens!” every time your friends came into your room.


    Yeah, that got old pretty quick.

    3. Taping or gluing together your ripped Livestrong bracelet so that you could continue wearing it.

    4. Making Bath & Body Works your first stop whenever you went to the mall and dousing yourself in one of the scents.

    You'd hold off on spraying on perfume at home because you knew you'd be spraying yourself with something oh-so-dreamy smelling from there.

    5. Finding someone from school’s LiveJournal and secretly reading all of their entries.


    Especially if it was someone you had a crush on or DL hated.

    6. Feeling ~edgy~ when you wore your sexually suggestive state tees.

    "Everything's bigger in Texas! Get it? Get it?!"

    7. Putting on so much self-tanner that it turned your skin an unnatural shade of orange.

    You basically were trying to make yourself look like you got a professional fake tan.

    8. Getting a fake Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton bag and passing it off as a real one.

    "No, my rich aunt gave this to me as a gift!"

    9. Listing your age as 99 years old on Myspace — 'cause LOL (?).

    It literally made no sense.

    10. Getting into a fight with your friend and immediatly removing them from your Top 8 on Myspace (so that everyone would know).

    It was the ultimate power move.

    11. Lying on your Myspace surveys to make yourself look cooler.


    "Favorite book: Infinite Jest" *has never read Infinite Jest *

    12. Only putting on your Juicy Tube when someone else was around 'cause you wanted people to KNOW you were wearing it.

    Also, it just made your lips feel super sticky so you used it more sparingly.

    13. Rushing home from school and waiting patiently to see when your crush would log on AIM, and then basically finding an excuse to ping them.

    "Oh hey, didn't know if you were online or not. I was just wondering if you remember the chapters we need to read ahead of the quiz tomorrow?"

    14. Downloading a song that was misattributed to another artist and not realizing they didn't sing it until someone pointed it out.

    "Wait, so the Ramones didn't sing "Friday I'm in Love"?!"

    15. Lying to your parents as to why your computer crashed — even though you knew full well it was a virus from all the illegal music you downloaded off LimeWire.

    "Honestly Mom, I have no idea how this happened. All I use it for is doing homework and sending emails."

    16. Creating a secret ~sassy~ email address that you only used with your friends and crushes.

    Twitter: @harry_styles

    It is actually pretty embarrassing in retrospect.

    17. Making a mix CD about your crush.

    Basically it was a bunch of ~deep~ love songs that summed up your thoughts about them.

    18. Attempting to cut your own side bangs and MESSING it up big time.


    Then having to find a way to wear your hair that would hide it.

    19. Getting to school and rolling down the waist band of your Soffees about three times to get the perfect short(er) length.

    kath_shield / Via

    You had to wait 'cause you knew your parents wouldn't let you walk out the door with your shorts rolled up that high.

    20. Buying inappropriate stuff from Spencer's and then hiding it from your mom.

    "Mom, honestly that's not my Bob Marley pot leaf patch. It's Cindy's and I am just holding 'cause she left it here."

    21. Spending 10-20 minutes attempting to get the perfect nonchalant messy bun (of course, you acted like it took no effort).

    The small things/

    "OMG, thanks for saying it looks good. I don't know, I like literally just tossed it together and ran out the door."

    22. Borrowing your parents or older siblings cell phone and trying to pass it off as your own.

    "What? No, this is my phone! It's just that my parents don't allow me to bring it to school."

    23. And finally, writing a vague and slightly dramatic away message on AIM so that your friends would call you.

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed / Via Aol Instant Messenger

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