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25 Gifts For Your Latinx Family And Friends That You Just Can't Go Wrong With

To be honest, you might just end up buying some of these for yourself.

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1. A double disc picture vinyl copy of Selena Ones, which has all of the Queen of Tejano music's greatest hits on it:

Purple cover of album featuring Selena standing inside a number 1

2. A tube of MAC x Selena: Queen of Cumbia lipstick, which will leave anyone's lips looking como la flor, or more accurately, como la rosa roja.

A tube of the lipstick open featuring a rose imprinted on the red lip crayon

3. A The Freakin Rican Sofrito, Adobe, and Sazon seasoning pack, which will bring out the inner gourmet in anyone.

A photo of a bag of sofrito beside a container of adobo and sazon

4. A Cafecito scented candle, which well let anyone fill their home with the sweet smell of coffee without the need of having to pull out the cafetera.

A cafecito candle laying next to spilled coffee beans and a blue and white majolica cup

5. A Pelon Pelo Rico-inspired enamel pin, which is not only a perfect stocking stuffer, but also the perfect way to pay tribute to a childhood staple.

A enamel pin that shaped like Pelon Pelo Rico bottle that says "Para La Raza" on it

6. A copy of Chicano Eats: Recipes from My Mexican-American Kitchen, which not only features a gorgeous collection of photos of food, but also some seriously delicious recipes.

The book cover featuring a bowl of menudo on it

7. A copy of La Vida Verde, which is the perfect cookbook for someone who is looking to make plant-based versions of Mexican classics.

The book cover with jackfruit tacos on the cover

8. A classic Lotería game set, which is endlessly fun.

A yellow juego de loteria box

9. A Millennial Lotería game set, which is the classic game with a hilarious and modern twist.

the Millennial Loteria game cards spread out on a pink table top

10. A Café Bustelo sticker, which is the perfect little gift to slip into the holiday card of someone who lives off cafecito.

a stack of Café Bustelo stickers

11. A "Cafe con conchas" or "All you need is love + pan dulce" art print, that is perfect for that person in your life who loves pan dulce.

12. A Lil' Libros book, which are the most magical educational books for that littlest family member in your life

13. A copy of the Cuba: 101 Beautiful and Nostalgic Places to Visit coffee table book that will whisk anyone away to Cuba.

the book cover featuring a seaside mansion with a blue 1950s car driving in front of it

14. A "Mija I'm busy" tote bag, which is great gift for that person in your life who is always on the run.

A women on a brownstone stoop wearing a leopard print coat carrying the tote

15. A unisex María Félix T-shirt, that is the ideal gift for anyone who loves the iconic La Doña.

A black T-shirt with a drawing of María Félix looking over her shoulder on it

16. A copy of What Would Frida Do?: A Guide to Living Boldly — a book that explores Frida Kahlo beyond her art.

The yellow book cover featuring a painting of Frida on it

17. An oh-so-so-pretty Frida Kahlo tote bag that you might end up keeping for yourself.

A flower-print tote featuring a color photo of Frida on it

18. Loungefly Coco Papel Picado crossbody bag...

A papel picado purse with Miguel on the flap

19. ...or a Coco Miguel youth cuff beanie, which are the perfect gifts for fans of the movie in your life.

A navy beanie with Miguel on it

20. A copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez — because one of the most-acclaimed and greatest books of all time is always a good gift.

21. A bottle of LALO Tequila for that 21+ person in your life who takes their tequila seriously.

A bottle of tequila set on a white table top

22. A copy Spirits of Latin America: A Celebration of Culture & Cocktails, with 100 Recipes from Leyenda & Beyond cocktail book, which is a superb gift for any aspiring mixologist in your life.

The book cover featuring a pink tropical drink on a wooden table

23. A colorful Peruvian cushion cover, which will add a beautiful splash of color to anybody's house.

Two colorful pillows

24. A pack of 50 Bad Bunny stickers, which will let any Bad Bunny fan decorate basically all their things with his face.

A collection of different stickers featuring Bad Bunny

25. An El Chavo Funko Pop!, because this TV icon would look perfect sitting among anybody's Funko collection.

A Funk of El Chavo coming out of a barrel

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