21 Photos Anyone Who Has Been Drunk AF Will Relate To

    Just looking at these will get you tipsy.

    1. When you make a pact with your friends that you're ONLY HAVING ONE DRINK, but then you all end up wasted and raging:

    2. When a minute ago you even couldn't stand, but all of sudden you hear "Hotline Bling":

    3. When your friends call you out for being plastered but you’re trying to play it off like you’re not:

    4. When Adele is playing and the wine is flowing and all of sudden your BFF starts crying and thinks that it's the right time to text their ex:

    5. When you're drunk AF but trying to act sober around your parents:

    6. When you're so drunk that you become one with the chair holding you up:

    7. When your friends are six drinks in and shitfaced, and you’re racing to get on their level:

    8. When you're drunk but have to take care of your even drunker friend:

    9. When your friend is drunk and opening up to you, but you can't even follow along:

    10. When you're trashed and feeling the music playing at the bar:

    11. When the night gets even better for you because your crew gets even bigger:

    12. When you try to take a selfie but you can't even figure out how to use your phone:

    13. When it takes all your effort to focus on composing a text:

    14. When the booze has you feeling your look:

    15. When you and your friends try to pile into one Uber:

    16. When your Uber driver is trying to take you home but you don't even remember where you live:

    17. When you promise to get your Uber driver food if they stop at McDonald's, but they still say no:

    18. When you come home and are a completely dysfunctional human being:

    19. When you wake up dead to the world and swear that you'll never drink again:

    20. When you’re lying in bed and all of sudden remember what happened the night before:

    We all had our moments. #drunk #moments #horrible #hilarious #awkward #fail #win #epictimes #fun #greatfriends

    21. And finally, when you're at brunch the next day with your friends and they're recounting all your escapades from the night before: