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    Twitter Added A New Feature That Allows Users To See How Many Times A Tweet Was Bookmarked, And The Internet Had Some Hilarious Takes On That

    As always, people on Twitter always have the most A+++ reactions to everything.

    If you've ever spent any time on Twitter, then you know that it can be a messy, messy place. And recently, it has been downright chaotic.

    A person on their cellphone with Twitter logos in the background

    Well, earlier today, Twitter decided to make it even more chaotic by announcing a feature that NOBODY asked for: Users are able to see how many times a tweet of theirs has been bookmarked. Also, it should be noted that the feature only allows people to see how many times a tweet has been bookmarked; it doesn't allow users to see by whom.

    We love Bookmarks for saving Tweets to revisit later. Starting today on iOS, you’ll now see the total number of times a Tweet has been bookmarked on Tweet details.

    Twitter: @TwitterSupport

    If you don't use Twitter and are wondering what this all means, essentially, by bookmarking a tweet, the person who bookmarked it can easily access it anytime (without having to dig through someone's Twitter, etc.). But a bookmarked tweet can be weird if you posted a selfie or some random thought that really shouldn't mean anything to anyone.

    The Twitter logo next to the shadow of a person on their phone

    Needless to say, this feature wasn't welcomed with enthusiasm. So I decided to do a roundup of funny tweets that truly capture how everyone is feeling about this:

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    now why would twitter tell us how many people bookmarked our tweet?? this place gets weirder every fucking day.

    Twitter: @crissles


    Looked back at old selfies and not a single one has a bookmark

    Twitter: @Ceeccal


    I definitely bookmark the hell out of y’all’s tweets my bad

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @ctrlvcrs


    me peeking at how many other people bookmarked nudes

    Universal / Via Twitter: @zvck_k


    so now we can see how many ppl bookmarked our tweets too…

    Universal / Via Twitter: @zvck_k


    Twitter before bookmark count and views were added

    20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @ViLettuce


    not them telling you how many people bookmarked your tweet

    World of Wonder / Via Twitter: @hugeasmammoth_


    as long as they don’t say WHO bookmarked what, we good. ☝🏽 😮‍💨 EL0N trynna expose everybody chi…

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @deronworldtv


    Scrolling back and seeing all the freaks who’ve bookmarked my selfies

    20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @BrndnStrssng


    being the first like on tweet and it’s one bookmark

    Lifetime / Via Twitter: @bbyfathr


    honestly i’d rather bookmarks be counted than be able to see what y’all have in that dreaded bookmark folder

    Twitter: @ruggyscruggy


    Now Twitter shows you how many times something is bookmarked. I’m over this

    CBS / Via Twitter: @kyareana


    Seeing how many people bookmarked a tweet

    ABC / Via Twitter: @BeSmoove7


    if u see me bookmark a tweet mind ur business fr

    Twitter: @WLWMASC


    Long as twitter don’t show what I’ve bookmarked, I’m good

    Warner Bros. Television / Via Twitter: @G_woods90


    still can’t see the bookmark count

    Viacom / Via Twitter: @skyferrori


    I see we’ve already beaten the bookmark topic to death in record time.

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @breimels