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    21 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Describe Being In Your Thirties

    Don't laugh at these too hard, thirtysomethings, 'cause you might throw out your back.

    Your thirties without a doubt is one of the best decades of your life, as you generally have a better sense of who you are and tend to not make the same mistakes you made in your twenties.


    But your thirties are also the decade when your body starts to, um, not bounce back as easily from things like injuries or drinking. And you really start losing touch with all the latest trends and music.


    So with that being said, here are some hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up all the thoughts, emotions, and body aches that go into being in your thirties:

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    one thing they don’t tell you enough about being in your thirties is that you can simply throw out your neck at any time and all it takes is looking one way too fast

    Twitter: @rachsyme


    Being in your 30s is weird because you wake up and out of nowhere you have a stiff neck and very strong opinions about architecture.

    Twitter: @benlandautaylor


    The *real* tea about being in your 30s is that you can be really h*rny and really sleepy and sleepy will win out every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 time 👏🏼.

    Twitter: @manbearkitten


    The best part about being in your 30s is that everyone has finally stopped pretending that going to clubs on the weekends is fun.

    Twitter: @thetigersez


    Being in your thirties means enjoying TikTok from afar, but not necessarily needing an account of your own.

    Twitter: @JamesAALongman


    Being in your thirties is texting your friends before 10am and they respond immediately

    Twitter: @okayclare


    The real joy of being in your thirties is fucking up your back while asleep.

    Twitter: @itsmeglinehan


    20s: Rage Against The Machine 30s: Rage Against Literally Everything

    Twitter: @SortaBad


    Welcome to your 30s. You have a favorite reusable shopping bag now.

    Twitter: @dreamthievin


    Being in your thirties is basically like being Batman. You have few close friends, you wake up with mysterious bruises, and all your money goes to some stupid niche hobby.

    Twitter: @McJesse


    20s: Turn that music UP 30s: Turn that humidifier UP

    Twitter: @BrentTerhune


    Welcome to your 30s. You can’t bend that way anymore

    Twitter: @iwearaonesie


    Being in your 30s means starting every message sent after 8pm with "Sorry, I know it's late, but..."

    Twitter: @QuizmasterBrad


    A Short Play About Being In Your 30s: BARTENDER: "I made that one extra strong for you." ME: *very scared* "OK."

    Twitter: @ChaseMit


    being happy in your thirties surprisingly revolves a lot around the firmness of fruits and vegetables

    Twitter: @carbsley


    Being in your 30s means unbuttoning the top button of your pants when you drive.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes


    Being in your 30s is realizing you’re just going to be ready for a nap, all the time, forever.

    Twitter: @lingerie_addict


    The one thing they don’t tell you about being in your 30s is that you get excited when you do laundry and all the socks match.

    Twitter: @diggymoreland


    Being in your 30s means being pre-emptively tired from the night out you’ve not even been on yet

    Twitter: @VinayPatel


    a cool thing no one tells you about being in your 30s is that you still get to deal with all the emotional insecurities and anxieties of your 20s but also your body starts falling apart. it’s chill.

    Twitter: @ZachariusD


    Being in your 30s is just being both too old to be young and too young to be old...

    Twitter: @krati_yadav23