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    45 Very, Very Random '90s Things That Anyone Over The Age Of 36 Hasn't Thought About In 15 Years And Maybe Even Longer

    "But it's all coming back now!" ⁠—In Céline Dion voice

    1. The Aaron Burr "Got Milk?" commercial:

    2. The huge magazine section that Tower Records had:

    3. The not-so-great Saved by the Bell: The New Class:

    4. Cracked magazine:

    5. The contest where you could win a real-life Simpsons house (which came complete with an interior that looked just like the cartoon) that was built in Nevada:

    6. And when the Simpsons did commercials for Church's Chicken:

    7. Every TV show having its own soundtrack:

    8. The much-hyped Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction special that aired on FOX:

    9. E!'s Wild On series, which was kinda soft core porn-ish:

    10. The Volkswagen "Da Da Da" commercial (which would get stuck in your head all day if you watched it):

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    11. Hush Puppies shoes, which had a huge comeback in the '90s:

    12. All the news reports about chupacabra sightings:

    13. The weird urban legend that Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh was an alien:

    14. Blockbuster Music stores:

    15. And the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (which was a legit awards show):

    16. Being confused as to how Baywatch was the most popular show in the world:

    17. Wendy the Snapple Lady and her "Hello, from Snapple" greeting:

    18. The one MTV commercial that was a parody of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? but centered around "Courtney Love" and "Madonna":

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    19. The Bridges of Madison County, which every mom read in the '90s:

    20. And The X Files series of books:

    21. The old Comedy Central logo:

    22. Lay's WOW chips that were made with olestra and gave people diarrhea:

    23. That Designer Imposters perfume commercial where the model was naked and spraying herself with fake CK One:

    Also, all the imitation CK One fragrances that came out:

    24. Those big Nature Sounds music displays inside Targets:

    25. The Disney Store's version of Beanie Babies, which were called Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush:

    26. MTV's Rock N' Jock specials:

    27. Shabby chic decor and thinking it was oh-so-romantic:

    28. Ordering VHS tapes through Columbia House:

    29. Tony Little's "Ab Isolator" infomercials that played nonstop on the weekends:

    30. Special magazines that were devoted to just one celeb:

    31. The oh-so-futuristic-looking Old Navy's Tech Vests:

    32. Goose decorations, which moms loved to have all over their kitchen stuff:

    33. Jewel's poetry book:

    34. The Herbal Essences commercials that featured women having orgasms while shampooing their hair:

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    35. Having concert ticket collections that looked like this:

    36. Coca-Cola's Rewards Card, which I don't know if anyone actually used:

    37. Mentadent, which, at the time, was America's bougiest toothpaste:

    38. Dennis Rodman doing an in-store book signing while dressed in a wedding dress:

    39. Blockbuster's microwave popcorn (which you and your family would always end up getting a bag or two of when renting videos):

    40. The 25 AOL CDs you and your family would get every month:

    41. McDonald's food that came in this packaging:

    42. McDonald's Orange Drink (served at school functions) that used to come in this beverage cooler:

    43. Nick at Nite Block Party Summers that always had one night of the week that included a whole I Love Lucy night:

    44. Watching a movie on a flight like this or watching it on a small TV placed on the ceiling of the aisle:

    45. And finally, when The Golden Girls parodied Clueless for the 1996 MTV Movie Awards:

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