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    30 Very Specific Late '90s Things That Basically Every Millennial Has Totally Forgotten About

    Let's be honest, the "Oogachacka Baby" was really annoying.

    1. David Arquette and other celebs doing commercials for collect call companies:

    2. Fuzzy picture frames that you thought looked way cool:

    3. Whole Foods that looked like generic vitamin shops:

    4. And Target stores that had the neon light squiggle on the back wall:

    5. Buddy Lee from the Lee Jeans commercials (which I am sure was a haunted doll):

    6. Snapple Elements that came in pretty glass bottles:

    7. MTV's 10 Spot programming block:

    8. Brandy's Candie's ad campaign:

    9. The Star Wars Pepsi commercial that featured Darth Vader crushing a kid's cup from within the movie screen:

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    10. Those terrifying Steve Madden ads that made the models look like Bratz dolls come to life:

    11. Todd Oldham's oh-so-cool "Todd Time" segments on MTV's House of Style, which really did inspire you:

    12. The dancing baby GIF that you thought was so cool:

    13. Hard Candy's badass makeup line that came in some bold but very pretty colors:

    14. The Disney Catalog, which always had so many things you low-key wanted to buy:

    15. Holographic vending machine stickers, which were the perfect way to accessorize your locker, book covers, and folders:

    16. The Box Music Network, which you were always tempted to call and order a music video whenever you watched it:

    17. TV cabinets with glass doors that were held in place with magnet holders — and also always felt like it was one rough close away from breaking:

    18. Restoration Hardware stores that were light and bright (painted with mint green walls) and sold kitschy throwback stuff:

    19. Having your floor look like this whenever you made a mixtape:

    20. And storing your mixtapes in cassette tape cases:

    21. Ali Landry as the face of Doritos 3D:

    22. Dolly the sheep (the world's first cloned mammal):

    23. These lava lamps that you thought looked both retro and futuristic:

    24. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which for some reason seemed to always be playing on Comedy Central all day:

    25. Eddie Bauer being a super cool brand, even though the inside of the stores looked like your grandad's house:

    26. Having private phone conversations like this (when it wasn't a portable phone):

    27. Real California Cheese commercials (that featured this logo):

    28. These portable stereos that were pretty big and looked indestructible:

    29. The Pure Disco CD, which EVERYONE owned (but mainly for "The Grease Megamix"):

    30. And finally, people both literally burying their dead Tamagotchis or virtually burying them on websites: