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    21 Things That Will Give Early 2000s Tweens Severe Flashbacks

    Remember when all you wanted in life was your own desktop and a closet full of Abercrombie clothing?

    1. Feeling like a baller ’cause you had your own TV with a built-in VCR or (even MORE baller) DVD player in your room:

    2. The smell of Ralph Lauren's Ralph, J.Lo's Glow, Cool Water...

    So. Many. Sweet. Perfumes.

    3. ...or AXE 😖 stinking up the hallways and locker rooms at school.

    4. Anticipating getting your copy of Teen People each month and then reading it in one swoop once it arrived.

    Also using the ads to decorate your bedroom walls.

    5. Officially feeling like a grown-up when your parents bought you your own desktop.

    6. Struggling to find a position for your webcam.

    7. Having Internet Explorer crash at least once while doing a search EVERY TIME you were online.

    8. Finding the perfect skin for your Winamp player.

    9. Sporting a Livestrong bracelet, but having NO idea what it was for.

    10. Taking selfies with your friends with a Polaroid i-Zone and then sticking them on your bedroom wall or mirror.

    11. Sporting a lowercase-initial pleather purse.

    12. Accessorizing your look every day with a puka shell necklace.

    13. Immediately heading over to the Dance Dance Revolution game every time you went to the arcade or bowling alley.

    14. Running out of minutes for the month on your cell phone plan and having to wait until after 9 p.m. to talk to your friends.

    15. Wearing these color bands, but having no idea they meant something sexual.

    16. Having your Game Boy Advance SP taken away by your teacher for playing it in class and having to ask your parents to come get it from them.

    17. Thinking that high school would be like The O.C.

    18. Wanting to get your entire wardrobe at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch.

    Or hating anybody who wore head-to-toe Hollister and Abercrombie.

    19. Making mix CDs for your friends and crushes.

    And of course, all the songs you used for the mixes came from LimeWire. 😉

    20. Knowing at least ONE girl who wore the Tiffany & Co. charm necklace and sported a Kate Spade bag.

    Middle school glamour.

    21. And finally, being totally obsessed with your Sims family (which you designed after yourself and your crush).