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21 Things That Will Give Early 2000s Tweens Severe Flashbacks

Remember when all you wanted in life was your own desktop and a closet full of Abercrombie clothing?

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1. Feeling like a baller ’cause you had your own TV with a built-in VCR or (even MORE baller) DVD player in your room:


12. Accessorizing your look every day with a puka shell necklace.

Even if it was one of the worst things in the world to wear if you had long hair since it would get tangled in the necklace.


14. Running out of minutes for the month on your cell phone plan and having to wait until after 9 p.m. to talk to your friends.

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Although it was worse when you ran out your text limit in the first week of the billing cycle (which, LBH, always happened).

21. And finally, being totally obsessed with your Sims family (which you designed after yourself and your crush).


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