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    "Dynasty” Fragrances: A Glimpse At ‘80s Glamour

    This was the perfect complement to your shoulder padded Nolan Miller ensemble.

    One of the biggest shows of the 1980s was Aaron Spelling’s prime time soap opera “Dynasty.” Viewers were drawn in for its glamorous look and the show quickly began capitalizing on that success with product tie-ins.

    One of it's first tie-ins was introduced in 1984, "Forever Krystle" was a perfume named after the Krystle Carrington character, played by Linda Evans.

    Additionally, they added a companion cologne "Carrington", named after Blake Carrington, played by John Forsythe.

    The two actors reprised their roles in the commercial for the fragrances:

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    As a slap to the face to "Dynasty" fans everywhere there was no perfume for the Alexis Carrington (played by Joan Collins), who was arguably the biggest draw of the show.

    But, Joan got the last laugh. She got to be the face of Revlon perfume “Scoundrel”.

    "Scoundrel" commercial:

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    And in 1989, she finally got her own fragrance "Spectacular".