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19 Little Things We Do That Are Not OK When People Do Them To Us

OK, but like when I do it, it's cute.

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1. Making everyone wait for you 'cause you're running super late:


2. Having someone disrespect the link you just sent them:


3. Subtweeting a frenemy:


4. Not being OK when someone has the audacity to already have plans before you even asked them to hang:

5. Overreacting 'cause you need to deal:

6. Having someone tell you to look on the bright side:

7. Telling a little white lie about why you were late:


8. Canceling plans and having a lame excuse 'cause you don't feel like going out:


9. Pressuring your friend into binge-watching the new Netflix series:


10. Eating unmarked leftovers you find in the fridge:

Men's Humor/

11. Forgetting someone's name 'cause you weren't really paying attention:


12. Not paying attention to your friend 'cause the group chat is lit:

side of rice pilaf/

13. Having your friend clearly not pay attention to your text:

14. Getting super competitive:

the horny nun/

15. Having to do something minor around the house 'cause your roommate forgot:

16. Getting angry 'cause your generosity wasn't acknowledged:

side of rice pilaf/ Instagram: @sideofricepilaf

17. Getting angry when your S.O. calls you out on something you said or did a year ago:


18. Having someone wiggle the bathroom door a second time 'cause they weren't sure if it was really locked:


19. And finally, having someone say this to you, even though it's totally the way you ask a question:


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