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21 Little Things You Forgot You Used To Do

Think about it: When was the last time you licked a stamp?

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1. Going to the music store and listening to new releases on the kiosks before deciding whether to buy them or not.

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Or making mental notes of the songs you did like and going back home and downloading them from LimeWire.

3. Making sure you always had a disposable camera around so you could take photos with your friends and then trade the doubles.


Well, unless after getting them printed you discovered you looked bad in the photo(s). In which case you ripped the photo(s) up, threw them away, and told your friends they came out blurry.

4. Or if you had your own REAL camera, making sure you had the correct film for the time of day, and an EXTRA roll if you wanted to take more than 24 pictures.


5. Remembering to program your VCR if you were going out and wanted to record the latest episode of Dawson's Creek.


Or if you didn't know how to program it, just setting the VHS tape on eight-hour mode (just to be safe) and leaving it on record.

6. VERY carefully writing down the product numbers and names on the order form when ordering clothes from catalogs.

And then praying that none of your items were on backorder.

7. Getting up really early in order to wait in line at the Ticketmaster box office to get tickets for a concert...

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And praying that the tickets they had on hand were in good sections. Or that if they sold out, that they would add a second or third concert while you were in line.

8. ...or waiting in a long line in order to get good seats at the movies.

"Dude, we've got to get the theater at least four hours early in order to get good seats for the midnight showing of The Phantom Menace!"


10. Not being able to get online because someone needed to use the phone or 'cause the network was busy.


Yup kids, if too many people were online in your neighborhood (aka peak times) you wouldn't be able to log on to the internet.


15. Getting ridiculously mad when your ONE friend who had his own answering machine or cell phone would leave the "Hello, hello, I can't hear you! Just kidding..." fake outgoing message on their voicemail.


18. Setting up your LimeWire with a queue of songs before going to bed and hoping they'd all be downloaded by the time you woke up.

20. Carrying around change in order to be able to call your parents from a payphone.

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And remembering to check the coin return slot to see if anyone forgot to take back their dimes.

21. And finally, aimlessly wandering Blockbuster because they didn't have the new release you wanted.

You should have had a back-up movie in mind to rent just in case they didn't have what you wanted.