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This What Your Favorite Pop Divas Looked Liked In 2001 Vs. Today

Spoiler alert: Divas don't age.

1. Faith Hill then:

Faith Hill now:

2. Mariah Carey then:

3. Mariah Carey now:

4. Beyoncรฉ then:

Beyoncรฉ now:

5. Madonna then:

Madonna now:

6. Gwen Stefani then:

Gwen Stefani now:

7. Christina Aguilera then:

Christina Aguilera now:

8. Jennifer Lopez then:

Jennifer Lopez now:

9. Janet Jackson then:

Janet Jackson now:

10. Jessica Simpson then:

Jessica Simpson now:

11. Pink then:

Pink now:

12. Alicia Keys then:

Alicia Keys now:

13. Ashanti then:

Ashanti now:

14. Shania Twain then:

Shania Twain now:

15. Britney Spears then:

Britney Spears now:

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