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    Updated on May 2, 2019. Posted on May 1, 2019

    Disneyland Resort's Newest Attraction Lets You Take The Most Insta-Worthy Pictures And OMG I'm Going Immediately

    It's the most Instagrammable place on earth.

    I think we can all agree that now a days no trip to Disneyland (or any Disney Park for that matter) is complete without taking several cute photos for your Instagram.

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    And, yes, that's Miley Cyrus in the photo!

    It's all about getting pics with specific backdrops, characters, and, of course, walls.

    Well, now getting that perfect Disney photo for the Gram is even easier 'cause of Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration.


    Located in Downtown Disney, Pop-Up Disney! was created with one thing in mind: getting amazing selfies and pictures!!!

    And the entire thing is themed to the main mouse himself, Mickey. As well as the rest of the Disney Fab Five.


    The entire experience is set up into several sections and rooms. You first enter a room and are immediately greeted by a giant Minnie Mouse bow that you can sit on, and get a photo on, of course.


    You are also led in in small groups, so you don't have to deal with huge crowds once inside.

    In fact, the whole first room is dedicated to Mickey and Minnie and their relationship.


    There are A LOT of great walls here to either take photos by yourself in or with a S.O.

    The second room you enter is completely in black and white and pays homage to Mickey's early cartoons (which were in black and white).


    It's also a perfect spot to coordinate your outfit too.

    You then enter a room that has a bit more of a museum vibe and is filled with nods to the entire Fab Five.


    Lots of free standing statues that you can pose with!

    There are also smaller rooms that pay a nod to Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse cartoon series.


    Many of the episodes take place in different countries (with the dialogue being in that countries' native tongues), and past shorts have taken place in both China and Mexico.

    And perhaps the coolest room is the one that is based on Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," which is decked out in black lights and lighting effects.


    FYI: More than likely this room will require you to do some post lighting filtering if you take pics here.

    There is even a room that looks like something straight out of a Daft Punk music video.


    So now you're probably wondering "OK, but how does this all work?!"


    Well this is located at the Disneyland Resort, it's not part of either of the parks and is a separate limited-time attraction you have to pay* for.


    *The cost is $30 weekdays (Monday – Thursday before 4 p.m.), $38 in the evenings and weekends (Monday – Thursday from 4 p.m. to closing), and all-day Friday – Sunday. If you're interested you can purchase your tickets here.

    Alright, now that you have all the info it's time to plan your cute outfit and come up with a creative caption!

    Joshua Sudock/ Disneyland Resort

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