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    OMG, Disney Just Announced The Opening Dates For Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge And We're Crying

    May the Force be with dealing with the crowds!

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    So it goes without saying that every Star Wars and Disney fan has had one big question ever since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was announced at the D23 EXPO back in 2015: WHEN WILL IT OPEN?!

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    Well, today we officially got the opening dates!!! We'll finally be able to visit the galaxy far, far away starting on May 31st at Disneyland and on Aug. 29th at Disney's Hollywood Studios!!!

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    And this isn't just any new land, aside from it being the largest land built at any Disney Park (14 acres) it also promises to be the MOST IMMERSIVE land ever built.

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    There is even a trailer for it, 'cause it's that EPIC:

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    Right now you're probably thinking, OK, so is this going to cost extra? And what Jedi mind tricks will I need to get through the crowds?!


    So there is no extra charge to go into Galaxy's Edge, but you will however have to make reservations to enter the land (which is how they will both control the crowds and be able to make it as immersive as possible).


    The reservations are required if you want to visit between May 31 through June 23rd.

    Also, the land will be opening with just one of its signature attractions, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The highly anticipated trackless Rise of the Resistance ride will open later this year.

    Now that we have the opening this is basically all of us at Disney right now:

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