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    Splash Mountain Is Being Re-Themed To "The Princess And The Frog" And People Are Happy About This Change

    "Nostalgia isn’t more important than positive change."

    So as you probably already heard, earlier today, Disney made a huge announcement: They will be re-theming their classic attraction Splash Mountain from Song of the South to The Princess and the Frog at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.


    This has actually been in the works for a year.

    Calls to re-theme the ride are nothing new. Even when the ride opened at Disneyland in 1989, Song of the South had already been locked away in the Disney Vault because of its racist content. It also has never been released on home video in the US.

    Paul Hiffmeyer/ Disneyland Resort

    Disney has stated over the years that the movie will never get a home video release.

    The voice of Princess Tiana herself, Anika Noni Rose, posted on Instagram and Twitter how excited she was that the beloved film, The Princess and the Frog, would finally get some much-deserved representation in the park.

    And many people on Twitter, like Anika, are excited to have a Princess and the Frog ride at the park:

    @AnikaNoniRose SO EXCITED!! It’s what Tiana deserves!! So excited to ride it in the near future! Congrats!!


    I'm freaking out (in a good way!!!)

    Splash Mountain being re-themed to Princess and the Frog is official… It’s the right move. Can’t wait to see what the finished attraction looks like!

    While others knew there were going to be some who would be upset about the change and not want to understand that the ride has ALWAYS been problematic:

    There are two types of people that heard the news about Splash Mountain.

    everyone is shitting their pants about splash mountain being changed is killing me 😂 did someone get their racist log ride taken away?

    It was bonkers to me that when the ride opened in 1989 they thought a Song of the South theme was ok when they wouldn't release the film on VHS. The fact that it survived for three decades is implausible and Princess And The Frog is long overdue for a ride of its own anyway

    Others made a point of saying that rides like Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure got a complete re-theme and didn't face this much backlash:

    So the tower of terror can be changed but not splash mountain?! Princess and the frog is a timeless classic loved by kids. This is longggg overdue and the racists can stay mad

    Grown ass people in the comments mad that Racist Mountain is getting rethemed to Princess and the Frog like Disney hasn’t rethemed classic non racist rides like Tower of Terror or California Screaming but for some reason there was no outcry there.

    The Splash Mountain re-theme is VASTLY superior to the Tower of Terror re-theme

    Some were just excited for all the endless possibilities the new ride can have with all the advancements in technology and animatronics:

    Remember when I would not shut the hell up about reimagining of Splash Mountain into Princess And The Frog for years and now it’s actually happening.. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! YOU know it’s going to be GOD-TIER ANIMATRONICS and it’s going to be ridiculously BEAUTIFUL!

    Imagine being on the new Splash Mountain, ramping up to the final drop in Facilier’s parlor, and the "ARE YA READY"s start kicking in

    The thought of the new Princess and the Frog ride at Disneyland using the same audio-animatronic technology as the Beauty and the Beast ride at Tokyo Disneyland??? I AM SHAKING

    Just imagine the current Splash Mountain finale with Dig A Little Deeper from Princess and the Frog and the energy is perfect✨

    And finally, this Disney fan summed it up best by saying that fond memories of something aren't more important than positive change:

    I’m an annual pass holder. I’ve been going to Disney World since I was a baby. I have fond memories of Splash Mountain. AND I’m an adult who realizes that the ride is based off of a horrific film and Tiana deserves more. Nostalgia isn’t more important than positive change.

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