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    16 Vintage Disney Parks Character Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

    Disney was once the most nightmarish place on Earth.

    1. The Mad Hatter looks like he wants to devour that poor kid's soul.

    2. OMG, is Dumbo being held hostage by those killer clowns?!


    Seriously, WTF is up with those clowns?!

    3. Thumper is looking at his next prey.

    4. This photo was taken right before Prince John strangled this kid.

    5. AHHH! Those eyes!!! Winnie the Pooh looks like he belongs on the Walking Dead.

    6. Let's be honest, all those Dwarfs are frightening, but Dopey (on the far left) is definitely out for blood.

    7. All those scars; what the hell happened to Mickey and Minnie's faces?!


    Even that dad seems unsure whether or not to allow his kids to take a photo with those scary faces.

    8. Yikes! Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia look something out of Saw.

    9. Practical Pig (on the left) looks like he is about to go postal.

    10. "Shhh, don't worry, Alice. This will all be over soon," said the White Rabbit, as he slowly wrapped his hands around Alice's neck.


    Also, the Mad Hatter looks like his about to devour another kid.

    11. Why is Grumpy melting?!


    Also, why is his face all red?! Does he have a drinking problem?

    12. Um... NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

    13. That White Rabbit seems to be really holding onto that girl.

    14. I don't blame that kid for being frightened by that (vampire?) Dumbo.

    15. NOOOOO, can't unsee! Three Little Pigs camel toe!

    16. Watch out, kids! Mickey Mouse is coming to haunt your dreams!!!


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