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    Counting Down The 12 Greatest Disney Movie Dads

    The dads have to step it up since the moms are always dead.

    12. King Stefan, Sleeping Beauty

    Okay, King Stefan didn’t raise Princess Aurora, but he actually made a huge sacrifice in an attempt to save her life.

    11. Thomas O'Malley, The Aristocats

    Thomas gave up his bachelor lifestyle to become a father figure to the Dutchess’ kittens: Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse.

    10. Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas

    While Chief Powhatan was a bit overbearing, deep down he only wanted what was best for Pocahontas. And yes, that meant marrying Kocoum.

    9. Zeus, Hercules


    The easy-going Zeus actually delivers one of the greatest lines ever in a Disney movie, telling Hercules, "A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

    8. Goofy, A Goofy Movie


    Goofy is the embarrassing dad everybody has. But, he scored major points when he and Max sneak into the Powerline concert.

    7. Fa Zhou, Mulan

    Fa Zhou learns to over come his own pride and tells Mulan that she is his "greatest gift and honor."

    6. Maurice, Beauty and the Beast


    While Maurice is kooky and completely absentminded, he actually seeks to create a better life for Belle. He also seems to encourage her thirst for knowledge.

    5. Pongo, 101 Dalmatians


    Pongo went through great lengths to save his puppies from Cruella de Vil. He also clearly loves kids, adopting 84 more puppies, in addition to the 15 he already had.

    4. Geppetto, Pinocchio

    Geppetto is a devoted father, who never gives up on troublemaker Pinocchio. Even risking his own life to save him.

    3. James, The Princess and the Frog


    James instilled in Tiana the value of hard work as the true path to accomplishing one's dreams.

    2. King Triton, The Little Mermaid


    While King Triton might have been constantly at odds with Ariel, he clearly loved her deeply. He not only agrees to take her place in Ursula’s contract, but also transforms her into human again, so that she could be with Eric.

    1. Mufasa, The Lion King


    Like anybody else could be number one.

    Mufasa is the quintessential Disney dad, courageous, wise, and most importantly, loving. Even after his death, he is able to guide Simba back to Pride Rock.

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