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    The Sequel To "Coming To America" Is, Well, Coming To Amazon In December

    The prince of Zamunda has an early holiday gift for us all!

    It goes without saying that 2020 has been a shitshow for all of us! But, it has been a very public shitshow for the movie industry, which — faced with many theaters closing throughout the country because of COVID — has been forced to all but abandon the all-too-important box office this year. Many studios have postponed their big blockbuster releases until 2021.

    Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

    And in some cases, they've just gone ahead and released them onto streaming platforms or onto VOD.

    Well, joining the list of films that are skipping the theaters and going straight to streaming is the highly anticipated sequel to Coming to America — which is officially titled Coming 2 America.

    According to Deadline, the movie will be released on Amazon on Dec. 18, and, honestly, that is the best early Christmas gift I could ask for.

    Now, not too much is known about the plot, other than it will revolve around Eddie Murphy's character, Prince Akeem Joffer, returning to New York in search of his long-lost son. The film will also see the return of some of the original film's actors, including Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones.

    And if the return of the OG characters wasn't great enough news, we will also be getting some comedy heavy hitters joining the sequel! Both Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones are among the actors joining the cast of Coming 2 America.

    All I can say is: Dec. 18 can't come soon enough!!! But, now I want to know: Are you guys happy it's coming to Amazon, or were you hoping to see it in the theaters? And have some of you younger folks seen this amazing classic?