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    Colin Hanks Posted A Guide On How To Make A Face Mask At Home And There Is No Sewing Required

    The Hanks family is a gift to us all!

    So, as you might have heard, the White House has recommended that people start wearing masks while in public.

    The White House is expected to urge Americans who live in areas of high coronavirus transmission to wear cloth face coverings to prevent the spread of the virus, a senior admin. official tells @NBCNews.

    The problem, as probably all of us know, is that finding masks is, well, nearly impossible.

    Scott Heins / Getty Images

    Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the masks people wear in public don't have to be surgical-grade or N95 masks, so they can be made out of cloth.

    Well, if you can't find any face masks or don't have any on hand, Colin Hanks has you covered. Yesterday, he posted on Instagram a guide on how to make a DIY mask out of a kerchief:

    And it's actually pretty easy. After several folds (which Colin shows you step by step) it should look like this:

    Colin Hanks/

    The next step is to put hair ties at the ends (or sturdy rubber bands, as Colin suggests would work, if you don't have hair ties):

    Colin Hanks/

    Then another fold:

    Colin Hanks/

    And voilà, you have a DIY cloth face mask (as modeled by Colin):

    Colin Hanks/

    All I have to say is: Thanks, Colin!!! Now I can run to the store with a bit more peace of mind!