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    Chris Farley As The Voice Of Shrek Is Surreal

    A rarely heard clip of audio from an early version of the film has recently surfaced and it shows just how different the movie could have been.

    It's hard to imagine anyone other than the Scottish-accented Mike Myers as the voice of Shrek. But did you know he was not the original choice for the film?

    The role was actually originally created for another former SNL-alumni, Chris Farley.

    In fact, Farley recorded about 80-90% of the dialogue for the film before dying of drug overdose in 1997.

    Following Farley's death, Dreamworks thought it would be best to recast the role. They brought in Myers and rewrote a lot of the script to better suite him -- and hence the version we have today.

    If you're curious just how the original version of the film would have looked and sounded, check out the storyboard video below with Farley as Shrek, opposite Eddie Murphy as Donkey:

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