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    50 Childhood Things Only People Born Between 1977-1985 Will Truly Get

    Yes kids, there was a time when you would watch viral videos on a weekly TV show.

    1. How when you heard "Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history..." the first thing you thought was Um...NO! That was Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue...

    2. ...and definitely Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

    3. How when you think about Pizza Hut, you still think of it as a sit-down restaurant with brown and orange interiors:

    4. How every single cartoon had a PSA at the end of it:

    5. How no matter what he does, Mark Wahlberg will always be trou-dropping Marky Mark:

    6. How the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was a cinematic EVENT:

    7. And how delicious the Turtle Pies were:

    8. How you only got to watch the Disney Channel every few months during its free-trial weekend:

    9. How you didn't need a TV show to tell you what a bop Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" is:

    10. How the original Muppet Babies is possibly the GREATEST cartoon series of all-time:

    11. How Disney movies used to be SCARY AF:

    12. How you first got introduced to David Bowie through Labyrinth:

    13. How every kid at some point had a Memphis design duvet and/or sheets:

    14. How you knew you were in for a treat whenever you saw this logo:

    15. How you had an at least 80% chance of getting burned whenever you slid down a aluminum slide:

    16. How America's Funniest Home Videos felt like the Hunger Games of "viral videos":

    17. How almost all the food at McDonald's used to come in Styrofoam containers:

    18. How just hearing the opening notes to the Unsolved Mysteries theme song sent a chill down your spine:

    19. How getting Geoffrey dollars was better than getting real money:

    20. How Keebler's Magic Middles were the BEST cookies ever...

    21. ...and Pizzarias were the BEST chips ever:

    22. How you can't think about Family Ties without hearing "Sha-la-la-la" in your head:

    23. How you can't think of My Buddy and Kid Sister without hearing the jingle for them in your head:

    24. How the Baby Jessica story made you paranoid about falling down a well to this day:

    25. How The Simpsons was once a ~controversial~ show:

    26. How traumatizing these scenes from The Land Before Time and An American Tail were:

    27. How getting a Scratch & Sniff Sticker for a job well done in elementary school was the ULTIMATE reward:

    28. How even though they were brother and sister, you still shipped He-Man and She-Ra:

    29. How there used to be cigarette machines EVERYWHERE:

    30. How you watched reruns of a TV show where Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari had to dress in drag and never questioned the premise:

    31. How every kid owned this E.T. doll:

    32. How going to you grandma's meant playing with one of these old toys that would pinch your legs:

    33. How when you think of The Price is Right you still think of Bob Barker as the host:

    34. How going to a birthday party meant there would be at least one Hawaiian pizza...

    35. ...and a character pan cake (which was 75% frosting):

    36. How this is the first thing you think of when you think of Fisher-Price Little People:

    37. How the illustrations from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were actually more frighting than the stories:

    38. How everyone owned the "We Are the World" 45 RPM:

    39. How the summer of 1989 was all about Batmania:

    40. How this scene from The Witches still haunts you to this day:

    41. How every family had at least one of these McDonald's Garfield cups:

    42. How dressing up as a character for Halloween meant having to wear a plastic smock and a mask that you could barely see out of:

    43. How you thought the teens on Beverly Hills, 90210 were the coolest people on earth:

    44. How your parents thought Madonna "was a bad influence" and that you shouldn't listen to her music:

    45. How playing the Fun Chicken! was the best part of going to the supermarket with your parents:

    46. How you thought you could beat Double Dare:

    47. How you were willing to wait for ages in line at the arcade to play Street Fighter II:

    48. How this doubled both as a toy and a treat maker:

    49. How the theme song to DuckTales is one of the GREATEST theme songs of all-time:

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    50. And finally, how you found out about sex after finding your parents copy of The Joy of Sex: