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    Updated on Nov 30, 2019. Posted on Nov 29, 2019

    23 Simple Little Things That Used To Bring Millennials So Much Happiness

    Honestly, we all had it sooo easy!

    1. Whenever it was a classmate's birthday and their parents would bring cupcakes for the entire class to celebrate:

    Stockbyte / Getty Images

    2. Or when it was a classmate's birthday and they would have it at a DZ Discovery Zone:

    Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection via G

    3. Whenever you would go anywhere that had a self-serving soda machine and you'd make yourself your own custom sugary concoction:

    Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

    4. Whenever you'd find a token on the ground or in the change machine at Chuck E. Cheese:

    5. When you'd save your Chuck E. Cheese tickets and turn them in for something you actually wanted:

    6. When your parents would take you on a surprise trip to Toys "R" Us and you felt like you were going to explode with excitement:

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    7. Or when Toys "R" Us' Big Toy Book would come in the paper and you'd get so excited just looking at pictures of all the new toys:

    8. When you'd pass a "Do you like me?" note and you'd get a "Yes" back:

    9. When you'd play the parachute game during rainy days in elementary school and it felt like the funnest game ever:

    10. Whenever it was your "turn" to pick the rental movie:

    David Friedman / Getty Images

    11. When you'd come back to school after breaking a bone and all your friends would race to sign your cast:

    Pieroannoni / Getty Images

    12. Whenever you'd get a gold star on your test or work and it felt like the sun was shinning on you:

    13. Whenever you'd get a Valentine's Day card from your BFF or crush and you felt soooo special:

    14. When you'd go to the mall and your parents would let you go to the Warner Bros. Studio Store first:

    15. When you'd find money under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy and you just imagined this tiny Tinker Bell-eusqe fairy carrying away your tooth:

    Jaclynwr / Getty Images

    16. When you'd open a brand new Disney VHS tape for the first time and that oh-so-delightful plasticky scent would whiff off of it:

    17. Or when you’d open a brand new pack of Pokémon cards and get a whiff of that oh-so-delightful inky scent:

    18. When you'd get the perfect impression of a comic when playing with Silly Putty:

    19. Whenever you built a pillow fort and it felt like the safest place in the world:

    20. When you'd trade something (like your chocolate milk) to get two pizzas on pizza Fridays:

    21. When you'd open your carton of milk perfectly on the first try:

    22. When you would finally get to the prize that came with the cereal box:

    23. And finally, whenever it was Scholastic Book Fair day at school:

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