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    12 Little Childhood Moments That Used To Make Our Day

    A reminder that, once upon a time, we weren't jaded people.

    1. When you'd come back to school after breaking a bone and all your friends would race to sign your cast:

    2. When you'd pass a "Do you like me?" note and you'd get a "Yes" back:

    3. When you'd play the parachute game during rainy days in elementary school and it felt like the funnest game ever:

    4. Whenever you'd get a gold star on your test or work and it felt like the sun was shinning on you:

    5. Whenever you'd get a Valentine's Day card from your BFF or crush and you felt soooo special:

    6. Whenever your grandma would cut out a comic for you and send it you in the mail:

    7. Whenever your friends would pick you during Heads Up, Seven Up:

    8. When you'd find Santa's cookies eaten on Christmas morning and it made you believe in him even more:

    9. When your babysitter would let you stay up later then you should and it made you feel oh-so-adult-ish:

    10. When you'd find money under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy and you just imagined this tiny Tinker Bell-esuqe fairy carrying away your tooth:

    11. Whenever you built a pillow fort and it felt like the safest place in the world:

    12. And finally, when your parents would take you on a surprise trip to Toys "R" Us and you felt like you were going to explode with excitement: