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Little Childhood Moments That Sent You Off The Deep End

They may have seemed insignificant, but they were soul-crushing.

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3. Walking past the toy store with your parents after being promised you'd be able to go in:

Photo by AdamL212 via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lautenbach

"You promised me we would go into the toy store if we had time!!! WE HAD TIME!" —you pouting in the backseat of the car


6. Having the batteries die on your Game Boy just as your were about to beat a level:

Photo by William Warby via Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wwarby

"GD, why does my Game Boy keep preventing me from beating The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening?"

7. Or worse yet, having someone trip on and pull out the cord to the controller just as you were about to beat a level:

Photo by Hades2k via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hades2k

And sometimes also pulling the entire console with it!


10. Whenever you got excited and ordered a super-cool new product only to find out it was NOT as awesome as it promised to be:

"I waited six weeks for this As Seen on TV product to come and it all it does is yank my hair out in clumps!"

12. The moment when you realize that your friend's or crush's parent answered their home phone -- after you specifically discussed what time you were going call:


13. Having no choice but to use one of the erasers from your collection and having it just smear everything into a gray blur.


"Why can't this eraser erase?! Now I have both ruined my assignment and a pretty eraser."

14. When you thought you got your brown-paper-bag book cover to fit perfectly snug, but in fact it was on so tight that it ripped:

The price of trying to achieve perfection.

15. Whenever you went to watch your favorite movie and realized that it was just the empty case, and that the movie wasn't in the VCR either:

Photo by Danielle Elder via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: heydanielle

"OMG, how did the video just disappear like that?"